How long does it take FSU to make a decision?

How long does it take FSU to make a decision?

Will do, thanks! It’s about 6 weeks from the date your application file becomes complete (all required transcripts and other such documents received), not 6 weeks from the date you submit the application.

What is FSU known for?

Even though the FSU Seminoles are best known for the school’s perennially outstanding football team, which has three national titles and three Heisman Trophy winners to its name, the Seminoles are among the nation’s best across the board, winning 17 national championships in nine different sports.

Why is FSU a good school?

The best things about FSU would be the nice campus, strong school spirit, sporting events, good library and study facilities, and good classmates. Tallahassee is absolutely a college town, without FSU it would not be the same. FSU administration is very good, the school is well organized and well structured.

What sport is FSU known for?

Since 1991, Florida State has been a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Since joining the conference, FSU has won ninety-six ACC titles and nine national titles including three in football, three in men’s track and field, two in soccer, and one in softball.