How hot do you heat a bearing for installation?

How hot do you heat a bearing for installation?

Hot mounting Normally a bearing temperature of 80 to 90 °C (144 to 162 °F) above that of the shaft is sufficient for mounting. Never heat a bearing to a temperature greater than 125 °C (257 °F), because the material may change metallurgically and produce alterations in diameter or hardness.

Can you hammer a pinion bearing on?

If you’re good (and careful) pinon bearings can be cut off with a torch. Cut the cage first, let all the rollers fall out, then go after the race carefully. You don’t need to cut through it to the point where the pinon will be damaged. The heat expands the race and it will pop off with a chisel and hammer easily.

How does rising temperature affect bearing fit?

Potential High Temperature Issues Lubricant viscosity becomes too low, leading to reduced fatigue life. Raceway hardness is reduced, leading to reduced fatigue life. Seals dry & crack, leading to loss of lubricant, entrance of contamination. Cage/retainer weakens, leading to catastrophic failure.

How do you reduce bearing temperature?

Using a fan on a bearing housing can be an acceptable cooling method for a bearing in an alert or alarm condition. If the bearing is on a circulating oil system, increasing the oil flow may also cool the bearing. However, too much oil flow can cause oil churn and increased friction inside the bearing.

How is pinion bearing preload checked and adjusted?

Use an inch-pound torque wrench to check the preload. If the preload is too loose then remove the shims so that the bearings will be tighter against the races and increase the preload. If the preload is too tight, then remove the pinion gear and add shims so that the bearings will not be as tight against the races.

Why is pinion bearing preload important?

Pinion bearing preload is the tension placed on the pinion gear’s tapered bearings. This spacer is placed between the bearings. Turning the pinion gear nut crushes the spacer to obtain the specified preload. This preload prevents the sideways thrust that moves the pinion gear to the outside edge of the ring gear.

Does outer pinion bearing need to be pressed on?

Pinion bearings must be pressed off. Carrier bearings can be pulled using a bearing puller. The inner carrier bearing races should not spin on the carrier journals.