How high should the pickups be on a Les Paul?

How high should the pickups be on a Les Paul?

Pickup height “Starting with the neck pickup, you hold the high E string down at the highest fret and then measure the distance from the bottom of the high E string to the top of the pickup polepiece – and then do the same with the low E string. Our official spec is 4/64th of an inch.

Are Gibson Burstbucker pickups good?

One of the top pickups These are great pickups, they are standard on my Gibson Les Paul Standard model. They are hot enough and dynamic enough to play many different kinds of music, really good for rock, classic rock, blues rock, etc. Try these out by going to any Gibson dealer, they come standard on many new Gibsons.

How high should my pickups be?

Start by setting all of your guitar pickups to 3/32” (0.093”, 2.38mm) on the bass side and 2/32” (1/16”, 0.0625”, 1.98mm) on the treble side. Remember, this is the space between the top of the pole piece and the bottom of the string, held down at the last fret.

How high should guitar pickups be?

We recommend between somewhere close to 5/64″ on the bridge pickup, and about 4/64″ on the neck. Keep in mind, these are measurements on the Low-E side. On the High-E, we might suggest you move it just a tad closer (say 1/64″ on each pickup). Adjusting height is easy.

What is the best pickup height?

Should the bridge pickup be higher?

You truly don’t want to set your guitar kits pickups too high and cause any of the problems outlined previously. Setting your pickups too high can also effect your playing style as your picking hand may become obstructed by the bridge pickup if too close to the strings.

What are the features of the 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard hp?

The new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard HP retains popular features, including AAA+ figured maple top, comfortable asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile, fast-access heel, soloist neck width, Ultra-Modern weight relief, belly scarf, and exceptional sonic tonal variety provided by 4 push-pull pots and an internal 5 position DIP switch.

Do Gibson Les Pauls have fat pickups?

But whether you play a Les Paul Standard, SG Special, Les Paul Junior, or other model, most Gibson guitars have pickups that produce a fat, beefy signal anyway—even the more vintage-styled lower gain humbuckers and P-90s—so that a slight decrease in output isn’t a problem for many players.

What is your pick-up height for BurstBucker Pro pick-ups?

So the conventional Gibson/Erlewine/Nickblues 1 pick-up height starting point of 1/16 ” still holds true (contrary to what I suggested may be the case) for burstbucker pro pick-ups. So I suppose in hindsight my current pick-up height of 1/8 ” goes too far.

How much space between guitar pickups and strings?

Measuring between the top of the pickups and the bottom of the strings, with the strings depressed at the last fret, the best advice is to start with a gap of 1/16 inch between bridge pickup and strings and 3/32 inch between neck pickup and strings, and this makes a good general base from which to launch your own experiments.