How good is the CVA Optima?

How good is the CVA Optima?

The Optima is lightweight, easy to carry, and quick to mount. The breech opens easily and smoothly by simply depressing a lever at the rear of the trigger guard. The trigger is not great, but is still pretty good and is similar to the one on the CVA Wolf (maybe a little better).

How far will a CVA Optima shoot?

My shooting range will be 50-250 yards.

What year did CVA Optima come out?

The Optima, whether Pro or Elite, has served as CVA’s mid-priced break-action muzzleloader since 2002.

How much powder should I use in my CVA Optima?

CVA recommends a minimum of 50 grains, by volume, of blackpowder or blackpowder substitute in your . 45 or . 50 caliber muzzleloader. The maximum load in CVA break- action guns, and any other CVA in-line rifle designated as a “Magnum” is 150 grains by volume.

Is the CVA Optima a Magnum?

This modern inline features a pivot block, break-open action, 28″ Barrel with 1 in 28″ twist, 209 Ignition System, and ambidextrous stock design. The Kodiak offers Illuminator Fiber Optic Sights, CrushZone recoil pad and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Can CVA Optima Change barrels?

Sportsmen who want to maximize their time afield — without buying multiple firearms — should check out CVA’s versatile Optima Elite, which features an interchangeable barrel system that allows users to transform the gun from muzzleloader to shotgun to centerfire rifle simply by turning a screw.

What do you like most about the CVA Optima V2?

After shooting the CVA Optima V2 rifle at the range and in the field here is what I like: Light weight at just over 6.5 Lb, especially for a black powder rifle. Great accuracy, especially with sabot bullets.

Is the CVA Optima Pro A good muzzleloader for the field?

For a beginning muzzleloader, the CVA Optima Pro makes a good impression in the field. Its features make it easy to use when that special muzzleloader season rolls around. The story behind this week’s Field Gun – a CVA Optima Pro – involves two whitetails, neither of which I killed.

What is the difference between the Optima V2 and the Accura V2?

The major difference that we could find was that the Accura V2 models feature a Bergara-branded barrel, while the Optima V2 has a “regular” CVA barrel. For those folks not familiar with the Bergara Barrels, this company supplies high quality center-fire barrels to many of the most respected rifle manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Is the CVA 50 caliber Optima V2 ambidextrous?

The barrel is inlet a bit at the muzzle end to make it easier to start bullets I am right-handed, and the CVA .50 Caliber Optima V2 rifle came set up for a right-handed shooter. Josejuan, however, is left-handed and he quickly pointed out that the entire rifle is designed to be ambidextrous.