How fast is a Yamaha TMAX?

How fast is a Yamaha TMAX?

Yamaha TMAX

1st Generation Yamaha XP500 TMAX
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Compression ratio 10.0:1 for model years 2001-2003, 11.0:1 for model years 2004-2011
Top speed 100 mph (160 km/h)
Power 29.4 kW (39.4 hp) at 7,000 rpm, 32.6 kW (43.7 hp) at 7,500 04-07 32.0 kW (42.9 hp) at 7,500 08-11

How fast does a Tmax 560 go?

The Yamaha T Max 560 top speed is 115mph, and it has enough get up and go to win most traffic light Grand Prix. The 2020 model is subtly crisper and more urgent on the throttle, but still smooth at cruising speeds with friendly throttle manners in traffic.

What is the largest scooter CC?

The Mana from which it takes the motor.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha TMAX 530 have?

The TMax 530 is powered by a 530cc twin-cylinder four-stroke engine with Yamaha’s advanced fuel injection system and engine management system. Bore and stroke are 68 x 73mm, with 10.9:1 compression ratio.

What is the Yamaha T-max 500 maxi-scooter white edition?

To celebrate 10 years of the Yamaha T-Max 500 maxi-scooter, the firm is released a limited-edition white version. Technically the scooter is the same 500cc parallel twin as the 2008/2009 model, but comes in white with anodised aluminium detailing and the wheels are titanium-colour with polished rims.

Is the Yamaha TMAX a good bike?

The TMAX is a big old beast and, although it generally feels stable, it can be a little difficult to manage at low speed. This bike went off sale in 2019, replaced by the Yamaha T MAX 560.

When did the Yamaha T max 560 go off sale?

This bike went off sale in 2019, replaced by the Yamaha T MAX 560. Thanks to it’s aluminium ladder frame (new on the 2008 model), 43mm forks and die-cast swing arm the TMAX isn’t just surprising down a twisty back lane, it’s staggeringly good.