How far is a 4x12x40 scope Good For?

How far is a 4x12x40 scope Good For?

The Revolution 4-12×40 is available only in matte black but can be had with either a duplex reticle or Redfield’s Accu-Range reticle which provides aiming points out to 500 yards.

What is a 3 9 scope?

3-9 means it is a variable scope you dial in anywhere from 3 power to 9 power, or referred to as 3x to 9x. 9x means 9 times your normal vision. The 40 means 40mm and refers to the the diameter of the objective. The larger the objective the wider the field of view and the more light gathering ability of the scope.

How far is a 8x scope Good For?

1-8x Scope It’s most effective range is around 300-500 yards, with a little give or take above and below that. It’s great for hunting, since that’s right around the normal distances that most people prefer to hunt.

Should I get a 3-9 scope or a 4-12 scope?

if the quality of the scopes is equal and the price difference is narrow, then personally i would go with the 4-12 over the 3-9 myself. but a quality 3-9 is much better than a lesser quality 4-12. clarity will overcome magnification. I have a Fullfield II 3-9, and a Buckmaster 4-12. They are both very effective scopes.

How far can you see with a 3x scope?

When it comes down to it, the 3-9 times magnification should be sufficient for the majority of marksmen. And when the magnification is set to 3x, you will receive a field of view of 36.6’. When set to 9x, the field of view will be 15.7’. Also, the scope offers 3” eye relief.

Is the 3-9×40 scope good for 30-06?

The 3-9×40 is an excellent scope for most 30-06 conditions. The low magnification gives you a wide field of view for quickly acquiring moving game and it allows you to locate your target quickly in the timber.

What is the best scope for hunting rifle?

I also prefer a scope that suits a rifle’s size and purpose, rather than a scope that is simply attached with no thought to the hunting rifle/scope as a system. An example I’ll make here is a 3-9 or 4-12 power scope on a trim Browning, Marlin, Savage or Winchester lever action rifle in any of the popular and versatile medium range calibers.