How do you use pink plaque tablets?

How do you use pink plaque tablets?

Chew a tablet (or just one half for adults, a quarter for kids) then swish around with saliva for 30 seconds before spitting out. Rinse gently with water – then check your teeth in good light for areas highlighted with the bright pink/purple stain. Finally, brush again to get a truly bright white smile!

What is the pink stuff dentists use?

A plaque disclosing tablet helps to identify areas of your child’s teeth that they’ve missed after completing their oral care routine. They contain a harmless dye that reacts with the plaque that may remain on areas of the teeth after cleaning.

Are plaque disclosing tablets safe?

Generally, yes, disclosing tablets are safe for children. However, do read the packet beforehand and follow all of the instructions. Also, keep in mind that disclosing tablets should not be swallowed, so make sure your child is old enough to know not to swallow them.

Do disclosing tablets have a taste?

The disclosing tablets are fruit-flavoured and contain no gluten or erythrosine (E127).

How can you tell if you have plaque on your teeth?

You swirl a special fluorescent solution around your mouth. Then rinse your mouth gently with water. Examine your teeth and gums while shining an ultraviolet plaque light into your mouth. The light will make any plaque look bright yellow-orange.

Does mouthwash remove plaque?

Side effects of rinsing with mouthwashes that contain alcohol are a mild stinging or burning sensation and dry mouth. Mouthrinses cannot remove plaque. Mouthrinses can kill many of the superficial layers of bacteria, but cannot remove the bacteria/plaque that is attached to the teeth and gums at a deeper level.

Can you use disclosing tablets everyday?

After you use the disclosing tablets, your mouth and tongue may be temporarily stained for as long as a day with a harmless dye. Many people use the disclosing tablets at bedtime so that the stain left in their mouths can fade overnight. Some disclosing tablets make a bright red stain, which can stain clothing.

What are discoloring tablets?

Disclosing tablets are chewable tablets used to make dental plaque visible. The tablets, sold over the counter in many countries, contain a dye (typically a vegetable dye, such as Phloxine B) that stains plaque a bright color (typically red or blue). After brushing, one chews a tablet and rinses.

How often should you use disclosing tablets?

Disclosing tablets should be used about once a week. With children it may be quite revealing to use a disclosing tablet after they have (allegedly!) cleaned their teeth to show where they have missed.

How much does two tone chewable Disclosing tablets show plaque on teeth cost?

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What are Plaque disclosing tablets?

BootsPlaque bacteria needs to be removed regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Boots Expert Plaque Disclosing Tablets are tablets which use a colouring system to differentiate between newer and older plaque, helping you to see areas you should brush better next time.

Why do I have pink stains on my teeth?

After chewing a tablet and rinsing your mouth, pink-stained areas will develop on your teeth. These are the areas that contain plaque in your mouth. Two-tone plaque disclosing solutions are also available to differentiate between new and old biofilm.

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