How do you use LMAO?

How do you use LMAO?

LMAO means “laughing my ass off.” It is used when you want to show that you’re laughing a lot at something, such as a humorous message or meme. For example, if you receive a funny video, you might reply “LMAO” or pair it with a phrase such as “That’s hilarious lmao.”

What is SML mean?

screw my life
SML is an online and texting acronym that means various things. It can mean screw my life, so much love, or sometimes so much laughter. Related words: SOML. LOL.

Whats AMS mean?

Association Management System (software) AMS. Ask Me Something.

What does MHM mean in text?

Mhm is a version of mm-hmm, an interjection variously used to express agreement or make an acknowledgment, among other senses. Mhm is especially common in the casual writing of the internet and text-messaging.

What does Ty mean?

Thank You
TY is an acronym meaning Thank You.

What does lmaoo stand for?

The LMAO stands for “Laughing My A*s Off” which is used while talking or chatting or texting or messaging to express the feeling of extreme humor or funniness or amusement. The word LMAO is used when a person feels something very humorous that he or she continues laughing.

What is the full form of LMAO?

What is the full form of LMAO. LMAO: Laughing My A** Off. LMAO is an internet slang generally used by youngsters in internet chatting. This word is used when a person finds something extremely funny. There are also some slang words which are used instead of this like LOL, ROFL etc.

What does the name lmaoo mean?

LMAO: “Laughing my arms off!”

  • LMAO: “Lick me all over!”
  • LMAO: “Leave me alone okay!”
  • LMAO: “Let’s meet at the office!”
  • LMAO: “Let’s make an offer!”
  • What does LMFAO stand for in texting?

    In a text message or online, the abbreviation “LMAO” stands for “laughing my ass off.”. It is generally used in response to a joke or a situation that is found to be particularly humorous.