How do you train for a Skimo race?

How do you train for a Skimo race?

I prefer three to four week cycles of a big volume week, a high intensity week, followed by a “race” week (even if I’m not racing). It stresses your body and brain, but building in a recovery period in every cycle ensures you’re actually getting stronger and not just beating your head against the wall.

How do you get faster at Skimo?

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Skimo Racing

  1. Relax your shoulders, neck and face… or as much muscles as you can.
  2. Experiment with variety of strides on variety of angles.
  3. Good kick-turns technique allows for short moments of recovery.
  4. Have spare skins always handy, not in your backpack, at least one.

How long should Skimo skis be?

For racing, there is a rule that men’s skis have to be at least 160cm long while women’s can be 10cm shorter. You should be looking for skis weighing less then 900-1000g/ski and not wider than about 68mm (ideally 64-66mm) since all racing skins are manufactured for those widths.

What is Skimo racing?

Skimo stands for ski mountaineering, which is simply climbing and skiing mountains. It’s an endurance sport that heavily revolves around racing up and down mountains on skis either at a ski resort or in the backcountry. If you enjoy winter trail running or skate skiing, you’ll probably love skimo.

Should older skiers use shorter skis?

The older you are the shorter your skis should be. If you are more interested in balance and speed control than you are in speed you want to consider a shorter ski. If you prefer to ski slower, select a shorter ski with a smaller turning radius.

What do you need for SkiMo?

Essential SkiMo Gear

  • Skis – Dynafit PDG.
  • Poles – I’m 173cm tall and use a 125cm carbon pole from Leki.
  • Dynafit PDG boots.
  • Dynafit RC20 SkiMo pack – what makes a pack for skimo?
  • Baselayer of choice.
  • SkiMo shirt – Dynafit PDG skimo shirt.
  • SkiMo Pants – Again, the Dynafit PDG Pant.
  • Socks.

Is SkiMo an Olympic sport?

Ski Mountaineering (Skimo) is now an Olympic sport! Today the International Olympic Committee (IOC) unanimously approved to add Ski Mountaineering to the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

What happens if skis too short?

Skis that are too short will sink a bit too deep in ungroomed powder snow. On groomed trails, short skis tend to get a bit wobbly and unstable at high speeds. They are easier to turn at slow speeds, but that same quality gives them a tendency to want to turn even when you are going straight at high speed.

What happens if skis are too long?

TLDR; Longer skis have more stability and float better in snow, but they also have a larger turning radius. Shorter skis sacrifice stability (especially at speed) but are quick to respond and easier to make short sharp turns. Short skis turn faster but long skis go faster.

Is Skimo an Olympic sport?

What’s a Skimo race?

Skimo stands for ski mountaineering, which is simply climbing and skiing mountains. In a skimo race competitors will race uphill using climbing skins. Steep, technical sections of the course sometimes require racers to carrying and use crampons.

What do you need for ski mountaineering?

8 Critical Pieces of Ski Mountaineering Gear

  • Lightweight Ski Touring Setup. With bigger objectives come longer approaches.
  • Ski and Boot Crampons. Ski crampons are a must for alpine starts.
  • Ice Axe.
  • Harness.
  • Glacier Travel Rope.
  • Crevasse Rescue Equipment.
  • Lightweight Helmet.
  • Snow Anchors.