How do you take care of mini cymbidium orchids?

How do you take care of mini cymbidium orchids?

Cymbidiums like to be moist. In the spring and summer, consistently water these orchids but do not waterlog them. Reduce watering from the late summer through winter until the potting mixture is barely damp to the touch during the winter months.

How long do mini orchid blooms last?

Orchid blooms are simply dazzling and can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks to several months, depending on the type of orchid. If you cut orchid stems, they won’t remain fresh as long as they would on the plant, but their lifespan is still pretty impressive, all the same.

How do I identify a cymbidium orchid?

Cymbidium carry tall stems with many flowers that have a more typical orchid shape. They are easily identified by their grassy leaves, and they readily form large clumps.

How much sun do cymbidium orchids need?

During the growing season, cymbidium orchids appreciate dappled sunlight. If your orchids are outdoors, make sure they are not in direct sunlight, as this can cause burning on the plant. A few hours of morning sunlight paired with shady afternoons should be perfect.

Do mini orchids stay small?

They truly are genetic miniatures, the chihuahuas of the orchid world, and won’t get much bigger over time. If you like small orchids with small flowers, go ahead and buy one. If you prefer bigger orchids with big flowers, buy one of those.

Do mini orchids need to be repotted?

Like any indoor plant, mini Orchids need to be repotted now and again. Repotting a plant allows for the roots to have more room to grow and helps decrease the chances of overcrowding, root rot, and other issues.

When should I buy cymbidium orchids?

Available from November through March, Matsui Cymbidiums are a winter favorite. Our Cymbidiums are the best quality in the industry. They feature long-lasting winter flowers, clean gorgeous foliage and the most spikes available.

How do you make cymbidium potting mix?

For mature plants or seedlings in 6″ pots, we use a mix of 80% seedling grade (1/8″ to 1/4″ size) orchid bark mixed with 20% #3 perlite and 1/4 cup of finely ground dolomite lime added for each cubic foot of mix. For larger plants, 40% seedling grade and 40% larger grade of bark, 1/2″, with 20% #3 perlite works well.

Can cymbidium grow indoors?

In frosty areas, cymbidiums can be grown indoors, but must be in a well-lit position. Cymbidium leaves should be a light apple green. Deep green leaves may look lush but are usually an indication that the orchid is in too much shade.

What colors do cymbidium orchids come in?

Standard cymbidiums have large flowers of 4 to 5 ” width and reach 4-feet high. Miniature cymbidium varieties produce smaller flowers of 1 to 3 ” width. The blooms come in many different colors like white, yellow, orange, red, purple and even green.

What is a miniature orchid?

The miniature Phalaenopsis orchid is a hybrid variety created to produce small flowers in cooler temperatures.

What is micro orchid?

There’s a new kid on the block. The micro mini orchid! A sweet little orchid that makes a perfect gift for your hairdresser, administrator or just thinking of you that comes nicely packaged. Micro-mini orchids are a little different in the caring department than the larger sister. Micro-minis require more attention in watering part.

What is a boat orchid?

Cymbidium / sɪmˈbɪdiəm /, commonly known as boat orchids, is a genus of evergreen flowering plants in the orchid family Orchidaceae. Orchids in this genus are epiphytic, lithophytic, terrestrial or rarely leafless saprophytic herbs usually with pseudobulbs.