How do you play Pandemic and win?

How do you play Pandemic and win?

Tips to win Pandemic

  1. You must find a cure for at least one disease within the first 3 rounds.
  2. Once you get to two rounds left in the game, you must stop and plan out your remaining turns.
  3. Don’t play special cards too early.
  4. Hit the hotspots early.
  5. Clean Up after an outbreak.

Can you win Pandemic without the medic?

As someone that has played hundreds of games of Pandemic (not joking, at least 100 plays), some roles seem crucial, but it is possible to win without the roles too. I have won a Hard game (6 epidemics) without the medic, but the medic does make things easier. It is situation based.

Is Pandemic easier with 2 players?

Many board game companies have recognized the demand for games that two people can play easily. Others like Pandemic and Carcassonne can be played just as well with two people, and sometimes even work better that way.

Can you win pandemic?

End of the game and how to win Because it’s a co-op game, everyone wins! While there is only one way to win the game, there are three ways to lose: If the outbreak marker reaches the last space on the outbreak track. If you need to place disease cubes but have run out of cubes of a certain colour.

Do you have to eradicate all diseases to win pandemic?

Pandemic ends as soon as players have found cures for all four diseases. (You do not need to eradicate any diseases to win.) Because it’s a co-op game, everyone wins!

Is Pandemic difficult to play?

Pandemic is tough – But not that tough. When we started to play we played with 5 Epidemic cards and rarely got close to winning. BUT bit by bit we got better – worked better together and knew exactly what cards were being shuffled back in every time an epidemic occurred. Then we started to win – and win too often.

Is pandemic board replayable?

It is not intended to be replayable. Depending on what options you choose during the campaign, certain components are intended to be physically destroyed. You could choose to just set things aside instead of destroying them; though that does take away some of the thematic fun.

How long does pandemic take to play?

45 min
Pandemic (board game)

Designers Matt Leacock
Genres Board game Role-playing game Cooperative gameplay
Players 2–4 (5 with On the Brink expansion) (1–6 with the In the Lab expansion)
Setup time 10 min
Playing time 45 min