How do you open the bottom of a stapler?

How do you open the bottom of a stapler?

Bottom Loading Staplers / Tackers This makes for fast, easy loading and is a simple process. With the tacker upside down, squeeze the release button at the rear and slide open the magazine. Insert the staple strip with the sharp edge pointing upwards and carefully slide the magazine closed until it locks into position.

How do you open a stapler all the way?

Open the stapler. To open these, grip the base of the stapler, then pull the top of the stapler until it lifts open and the staple tray is revealed. Back load staplers usually have a button on the back, so to open these, push the button until the stapler tray pops out slightly.

How do you take apart a Swingline stapler?

Press the button on the stapler’s back end. There’s a small button on either the top or bottom edge. Press it to pop out the staple tray. Your stapler may also have a small piece of plastic over the tray that you’ll need to remove.

How do you open the top of a stapler?

Don’t Bang on It. Your first reaction when you find your stapler isn’t working might be to bang it on the desk or table, hoping to get the jammed staple to fall out. Don’t do this. You can jam the staple further in and make it more difficult to remove.

What is the button on the bottom of a stapler for?

The Anvil is a metal plate attached to the base, onto which the underside of the staple is pressed when stapling papers together. Depending on the position of the Interfold/Exterfold switch, the Anvil will either fold the legs of the staple inward or outward.

How do I open the stapler on my Swingline Optima 45?

I can’t get the staple magazine on my Swingline Optima 45 to open. Solution? Hold the base firmly in one hand and pull back the top of the stapler, including the staple tray, to open it for tacking. Other models include a silver tab on the bottom of the stapler, toward the back.

How to tell if Swingline 67 electric stapler is working?

• Answered on Feb 03, 2020 Swingline 67 Electric Stapler flashes red on top and don’t work at all. It flashes faster than when it is just out of staples. Take batterys out n givit a fones n computers u need to reboot when haywire.

How do you open a stapler to remove staples?

Open the top of the stapler and remove the excess staples. Most manual staplers open from the top. If this is the case for you, simply pull the top enclosure up as if you were going to load more staples. Remove all the excess staples from the tray and set them to the side.

What is the difference between Optima 40 and standard staplers?

Optima fastens up to 40 sheets of paper, which is nearly twice the sheet capacity of standard staplers. Works best with Swingline Optima Premium or S.F. 4 Premium staples, with standard 1/4” length legs. The Optima 40 design requires less force than traditional staplers, so you can save your muscle for something that matters.