How do you get rid of are in a sentence?

How do you get rid of are in a sentence?

Strategies to Eliminate Be Verbs1) Change the main verb from an ing to a regular. 2) Change the be verb to a stronger verb. 3) Eliminate the be verb by writing one or more showing sentence(s) 4) Change the adjective to the verb. 5) Combine sentences to eliminate the be verb. 6) Change another word to the verb. 7) Get rid of unnecessary phrases.

How do I get rid of writing?

Techniques to get rid of “was” and make one’s writing more…Changing the order of the sentence: I was happy because of what she did. Using “in” and “on”: Inverting the order of the sentence: Applying repetition: Replacing “was” with a more “interesting” verb: Replacing “there wasn’t/it wasn’t” with “not”: Removing “it/he/she was”: What do you think of these techniques?

Do you wear jeans ielts speaking?

Model answers to IELTS speaking questions about Jeans I find jeans to be really comfy and stylish, so I tend to wear them a few times a week, especially in the colder months. However, in the summer my preference is to put on Khakis since they are lighter and help to cool me down.