How do you get lucario in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you get lucario in Pokemon Platinum?

Talk to your partner, then find your way down to another platform and ride it down onto the lower floor. Go through the doorway on your left and take the platform there up. Your partner should give you an egg that will hatch into Riolu here. Exit the cave through the left doorway.

How do you enter cheats on OpenEmu?

Cheat-code support in OpenEmu is determined by each core and its underlying emulation code. Some cores do not support cheat codes; OpenEmu knows which cores those are, and its cheat functionality will not be available when they are in use.

What cheats are there for Pokemon platinum?

Pokemon Platinum Cheats Complete list Pokemon Platinum Cheats: All Major Cheats. Do Not Breed! IN BATTLE CODES: Only works on the Pokemon on the Right during double duels. CPUE-D074D1B3. WILD POKEMON BATTLE EXP CODES: Use at Pokemon fainted message. Event Modifier Codes: Don’t miss Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats. Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes: Do Not Breed!

Is Pokemon platinum a good game?

Pokemon Platinum is the extended version of the revolutionary Diamond and Pearl, having small diff.. Platinum is an amazing classic Pokemon game, featuring multiple Legendaries and a few Mythicals wi.. Good game with good graphics.

Is Pokemon platinum on GBA?

Pokémon Platinum – GBA Insertion Pokémon. Like Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, Pokémon Platinum is set up so that if you have one of the 5 GBA games inserted into your DS, changes appear to the Wild Pokémon. Most of the time in some areas it’s just like say a Level 2 Staravia in Lake Verity. However, there are a fair few Pokémon that are exclusive to this method.

Does Pokemon platinum work on DS Lite?

Unlike the previous DS games, the Platinum version features the Pokemon god named Giratina, who is one of the three that created the world. Compatible with the original DS, Nintendo DS Lite, 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL.