How do you get into Besaid cave?

How do you get into Besaid cave?

To unlock the cave, the player must find a 4-digits code to input on the cave entrance. Each number of the code can be found on ruins of Besaid Island. The first code at the small shrine near the village slope. For the second code, the player has to jump on the ruins where Tidus fought Kimahri in Final Fantasy X.

What is the Besaid key for in FFX 2?

The Besaid Key is needed in order to open a chest containing the Search Sphere. The Besaid Key can be obtained in two different ways: Buying it in the shop at Besaid Village for 900,000 gil in Chapters One and Two. Rescuing its owner in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in Chapter Three.

How do you use Besaid sphere?

Hold O at the northwest corner until you find the correct spot then press X to dig it up. For the code, look on top of the only palm tree standing across the water. Once you have all 4 numbers, enter Wakka’s cave again and take a right at the very first fork. Examine the wall here then input the code to open it.

Where is the cave on Besaid Island?

Wakka is hiding in a secret cave that can be found in the area before the beach area in Besaid.

Where is Besaid cave in ffx2?

Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku discussing Wakka’s mysterious disappearance. Besaid Cave is a location from Final Fantasy X-2. It is a small cave on Besaid Island. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

How do you get the 2nd code in Final Fantasy X?

For the second code, the player has to jump on the ruins where Tidus fought Kimahri in Final Fantasy X. The third and fourth codes are on the ruins in the beach area. The code is randomly generated for every playthrough, so the player has to find it each time they start a New Game/ New Game Plus .

How do you unlock the door to Besaid’s cave?

YRP finds four ciphers around Besaid, using them to unlock the door to the cave. They find Wakka sitting inside, who explains that there may be a sphere in the cave, and he is unsure if he wants to know whether it exists or not.

Where can I find the Besaid key?

The Search Sphere is locked away in a treasure chest at one of the side rooms in Besaid Temple, and you will obviously need a key to open it. There are two ways to get the Besaid Key. The first will be to buy it for 900,000 Gil from the last shop off to the northwest of town (in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2).