How do you get from Bangkok to Koh phayam?

How do you get from Bangkok to Koh phayam?

Travel by plane+ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phayam (via Ranong) takes about 5-7 hours. Travel by bus+ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phayam (via Ranong) takes about 12-14 hours. Travel by taxi+ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phayam (via Ranong) takes about 10-12 hours.

Is Koh phayam open?

Cha Cha new beautiful house! Open 9Am-9Pm, on the main road to Ao Yai beach, 100 m from old location.

How do I get from Ranong Airport to Koh phayam?

Nava Andaman speed boat services to Koh Phayam depart from Ranong Pier, which is 26.6 km from Ranong Airport. The journey by minivan from Ranong Airport to Ranong Pier should take approximately 30 minutes. Nava Andaman passengers travel in large speed boats from Ranong Pier to Koh Phayam.

How do I get to Ko Chang Ranong?

Ko Chang is accessed by boat from Ranong’s Island Pier. Most people arrive on Ko Chang by Long-tail taxi-boat, which leaves from Ranong’s Island Pier at 9:00, 11:00 and 14:00 daily throughout the high season.

How do you get to Koh Phayam Islands?

The only ways to get to and from Koh Phayam are to travel from Ranong on Thailand’s south west coast or from Koh Chang Noi, a neighbouring island. In high season, there are regular ferries and catamarans from Ranong which are fairly quick and easy and get there in two hours and 45 minutes respectively.

How do I get to phayam?

To get to the pier, you have the option of taking a motorcycle taxi (around 70 baht), or a songthaew which is like a short minibus which drops you off about five minutes from the pier (around 20 baht). As the name would suggest, speed boats reach Koh Phayam in a faster manner (around 40 minutes), and cost 300-350 baht.

How do you get to Koh phayam?

How do you get from Phuket to Koh phayam?

There is no direct connection from Phuket to Ko Phayam. However, you can take the bus to Ranong Bus Station, take the drive to Ranong Pier, take the ferry to Ko Phayam, then take the travel to Ko Phayam.

How do you get to Koh phayam Islands?

Where is Koh Phayam located?

Koh Phayam is located in the province of Ranong in southern Thailand, which borders the southern tip of Myanmar. The same-named capital of Ranong Province, from which you have to travel to Koh Phayam, also has a small airport. However, at the moment you can only fly with NokAir from Bangkok to Ranong.

How to get from Koh Phangan to Koh Phayam?

Speed boats go to Koh Phayam for 350 baht several times a day from 8.00 A.M. The journey takes only 40 minutes. Note, however, that the speed boats only run in the main season from November to about May. Since the journey from Koh Phangan via Surat Thani to Ranong was very long and exhausting, I opted for the speed boat.

How crowded is Ko Phayam Beach?

Good thing is that the beaches are wide and still not crowded if compared to the most popular tourist islands in Thailand. Ko Phayam is just over 30 km from Ranong, about 2 hours from the mainland’s Phayam Pier by slow boat, 30-40 minutes by speed boat.

Where is Koko Phayam Island?

Ko Phayam is widely thought to be one of the most beautiful–and undiscovered–of Thailand’s islands. Although this island is developing fast and is by no means deserted anymore. Tourists have found the place, the beaches are lined with low-key resorts and prices are going up.