How do you equip summons in kh1?

How do you equip summons in kh1?

Unlocking Summonsedit After Sora is introduced to Merlin, examine the coach in Merlin’s house (a reference to Cinderella) and the Fairy Godmother will appear. Speak to her and, if you have a Summon Gem, she’ll transform it into a character you can summon. It will be added to your commands under Magic and then Summon.

How many summons are there in Kingdom Hearts?

Six of the seven Summon Cards in the game represent the summons Sora obtained in Kingdom Hearts, and are used in much the same manner.

How does Bambi summon work?

When summoned, Bambi prances about the area, dropping large quantities of MP orbs in the process. Any enemy defeated while Bambi is present on the battlefield drops more orbs than usual. Also, the more enemies Sora defeats while Bambi is summoned, the more orbs Bambi drops.

How long does Tinkerbell summon last?

Tinker Bell She hovers near Sora and replenishes the party’s HP and MP every 1.7 seconds.

What do all summons do kh1?

A Summon is a special character that can be magically called on to aid Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series. In terms of development, the main purpose of adding Summons was to add characters from Disney films that weren’t already represented by worlds.

Why can’t I use summons in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom HeartsEdit In order to perform a summon, the player needs to have two friends in the battle with him, and they must both be conscious. This means that Sora cannot perform summons during battles he is fighting if he is alone or when one or both of his allies are knocked unconscious.

How do you summon Mushu?

5 Mushu. Upon defeating Maleficent at Hollow Bastion, players will unlock the Fireglow Gem. Simply bring the Fireglow Gem back to the Fairy Godmother in Traverse Town, and she’ll give Sora the ability to summon Mushu from Mulan in battle.

What does Simba Summon do?

Simba appears in battle as a Summon Card when used and roars to deal damage to enemies in front of him.

How do you summon Dumbo?

Dumbo survived the destruction of his homeworld, but only as the Summon Gem Watergleam, which wound up in Monstro where it was found by Sora. Sora took the gem to the Fairy Godmother in Traverse Town, and she activates the gem to allow Dumbo to assist Sora as a summon.

What does Bambi do in kh1?

Bambi appears as a summon card after clearing 100 Acre Wood. When his card is used, Bambi runs around and drops HP orbs around the field for Sora to collect. The Bambi card is also used in the Gifted Miracle sleight, outside of Halloween Town.