How do you enter cheat codes on Super Punch-Out?

How do you enter cheat codes on Super Punch-Out?

Please Note: Some of these won’t allow you to unlock the Special Circuit….Super Punch-Out!! Game Genie Codes.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Infinite match time C9E3-64DD
Most will stay down after a knockdown DFAB-AFDD
No rematches DDB7-0704

What is Mr Sandman’s code?

007 373 5963
Mr. Dream replaces Mike Tyson as the final opponent of the game, whom Little Mac faces in the Dream Fight at the end. He has the same fighting style and design as Mike Tyson, but an even better fighting record. The pass code to fight him is 007 373 5963.

What’s the code to get to Mike Tyson on Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?


Effect Effect
005 737 5423 Major Circuit
007 373 5963 Mike Tyson
032 730 8442 Piston Honda (2nd fight)
231 750 7438 Super Macho Man, 0W – 0L

What is the Bald Bull code?

Hold Select + Down before the first match to lose half your energy. This code only works on matches after you beat Bald Bull for his title or after using the 777 807 3454 password, and only before the first match.

What are the codes for Punch Out?


Effect Effect
800-422-2602 Busy Signal
005 373 5423 Don Flamenco
005 737 5423 Major Circuit
007-373-5963 Mr. Dream

What does Glass Joe say in Punch-Out?

Vive la France: Glass Joe’s signature move. He will go to the back of the mat, do a long taunt while saying, “Eh, eh? Vive la France!”, go back to the middle of the mat, and do a right uppercut. Hit him with either a normal punch, a Star Punch or a Two-Star Punch to knock him down in one hit.

Is Macho Man in Punch-Out?

This article is a quality article. Super Macho Man (スーパー・マッチョマン, Sūpā Macchoman) has made multiple video game appearances; his first appearance was as the WVBA World Champ in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! in 1984.

How do I view the credits in Super Macho Man?

Super Macho Man 267 913 7638 (23 wins!) To view the credits, enter the password “106 113 0120”, then press A + B + Select simultaneously. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

When did Super Macho Man become champion of the world circuit?

Next, when Mike Tyson became the final boxer to fight against in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (and later, Mr. Dream in Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream ), Super Macho Man became the champion of the World Circuit. His next appearance was when he became champion of the World Circuit in 1994’s Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

How many punches can Super Macho Man land in a combo?

When Super Macho Man does the Super Macho Clothesline Attack, dodge the first two spins, then throw a Three star Punch. After Super Macho Man finishes his Super Macho Clothesline Attack land 8 punches in a combo.