How do you drink Revel Stoke pecan whiskey?

How do you drink Revel Stoke pecan whiskey?

Overall: This is not a mixed drink whisky- shots, neat, or rocks are all fantastic. Try it with a bit of hot water in the cold months for a wonderful winter drink. On the Rocks, it is intriguing and brings out the complexities for you to experience, relax and enjoy your drink.

What can I mix with teacher whiskey?

Its robust quality at an astonishingly affordable price can be attributed for its supreme success. A perfect fit to be sipped on neat, and with an ability to seamlessly blend into a mixers like seltzer or ginger ale, Teachers Highland Cream is a great drink of Scotch no matter the drinker’s preference.

Is there a pecan liqueur?

Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur is one of the world’s most unique luxury liqueur, carefully crafted for connoisseurs who appreciate the combination of contemporary American luxury with the time-honored traditions of fine artisan distilling and craftsmanship.

What is maple whiskey?

Maple syrup. Maple liqueur refers to various alcoholic products made from maple syrup, primarily in the Northeast United States and Canada. It is most commonly made by mixing Canadian rye whiskey and Canadian maple syrup. Maple liqueur is considered an important cultural beverage in certain Canadian festivals.

Is Whisky good for health?

Some of the most surprising benefits of whiskey include weight loss, diabetes control, healthy cholesterol levels, and it is also linked to reducing stress.

How is a pecan whiskey made?

Raw pecan wood staves are trimmed, cut and toasted by hand at our distillery and aged in select barrels of American straight whiskey, giving the spirit its unique toasty, spicy character. We then infuse the whiskey with roasted pecans to give it a delicate nutty flavor and rich mouthfeel.

What fruit juice can you mix with whiskey?

What Juices Go Well with Whiskey

  • Orange Juice. Orange juice is an excellent addition to whiskey because of its natural sweetness that tones the alcohol down a notch.
  • Lemon Juice. The original Whiskey Sour soared to popular heights in the 1860’s with its simplistic lemon and whiskey duet.
  • Lime Juice.

What can you mix Jack Daniels whiskey with?

Jack Daniels Mixers

  • A splash of water or soda water.
  • Lemon-lime soda.
  • Cola.
  • Ginger ale.
  • Coffee.
  • Apple cider (hot or chilled)
  • Cranberry juice.
  • Sour mix (and water)

Is rivulet black owned?

“Uncle Nearest, Rivulet, and Hella Cocktail Co. are all African-American owned. This cocktail celebrates that synergy.”