How do you draw SpongeBob step by step?

How do you draw SpongeBob step by step?

Always follow the sketches of the limbs you made in the previous step. Spongebob’s body should look spongy. Draw bumpy lines over edges of the initial body contours so it gives an impression of spongy texture. Also, add some sponge-holes here and there on his face and on side of the body.

How do you draw a robot step-by-step?

Step 1 First draw a square for the head of the robot . Just below it draw a rectangle for the body of the robot . Step 2 Draw 2 circles for the eye and draw a rectangle for the mouth. Fill the mouth with straight lines to form the teeth. Step 3 Draw a light bulb on top of the head. Draw antenna shaped ears.

How to draw Sponge Bob?

Draw a slightly bent square. If you prefer to draw SpongeBob in a standing position,you will need to draw a flat square.

  • Now let’s sketch the shape of this cartoon character’s body,as shown in the drawing. Make your previous tentative lines wavy to convey irregular edges of a sponge.
  • All we need to do now is to add most simple arms and legs to SpongeBob’s body.
  • When drawing legs and feet,feel free to leave the shows in a rough form,with no extra details,for they will be painted black in the end.
  • At this point,add eyes in shape of two circles,nose and mouth.
  • You can also add socks and color the drawing with multi-colored pencils,markers or watercolor.
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  • How to draw Patrick from SpongeBob?

    1) To draw Patrick Star, start by drawing a circle on the lower half of the page. This will be the basic shape for Patrick Star’s body. 2) Next draw horizontal line near the bottom of the circle and a vertical line near the left side of the circle that extends outside of the circle. 3) Now draw the basic shape of Patrick Star’s head, which is a skinny and tall upside-down U-shape that extends to the top of the vertical construction line and 4) Draw a smaller, similar-looking curve directly to the left of Patrick Star’s head. This will be Patrick Star’s arm. 5) Below the main circle on the lower left and right side, draw two small U-shaped curves. These will be Patrick Star’s legs.