How do you count words in OET writing?

How do you count words in OET writing?

You should not count your words during the writing test. The guide of 180-200 words is not set to be strictly adhered to. You have better things to be doing with your time such as proofreading your answer for grammar and content mistakes. The assessors will not count your words.

Is OET accepted in USA?

Doctors and nurses applying for positions in the United States can now validate their English language proficiency with OET, the world’s only international English language test specifically for healthcare professionals.

Is OET easy to pass?

Although there are a few rumours that OET is easier to pass than IELTS Academic. This is not true. The level required from each examination by Regulatory Authorities in the UK is the same. This rumour seems to have appeared because many healthcare professionals who sat OET passed first-time (see the data from OET).

How should I start preparing for OET?

we have put together some helpful tips to guide you through your OET preparation:

  1. Learn about the test overview and structure. It is important to feel comfortable with the test content.
  2. Create a study plan.
  3. Sharpen your skills.
  4. Take practice tests.
  5. Review everything.
  6. Rest and Relax.
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide.

How is OET Listening scored?

As per the OET website (here and here), one typically needs 30 marks from 42 questions to get a B grade. All you need to do is type in a number out of 42 to calculate the equivalent OET score and grade you would get in the reading and listening modules.

How much is OET exam fee?

OET 2021: Highlights

Exam Name OET
Conducted by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA)
Mode of Exam Computer and Paper – delivered test
OET Fee $587 AUD
Score Range On a scale of A (Highest) to E (Lowest)

How do I contact Cgfns?

+1 (215) 222 – 8454.

How do you know if you passed OET?

To view and download your Statement of Results:

  • You can view and download your statement of results via your myOET portal.
  • On the left side of your test details, you will see an ACTION column.
  • Under the ACTION column, there are small black triangles.
  • Click on one of these triangles, then “download statement of results”

What is the OET score for UK?

You will need to achieve at least Grade B in all four sub-tests of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. In OET you must achieve at least Grade B in all four sub-tests of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

How long does Cgfns CES valid?

The CGFNS Certification Program Certificate is valid for life. 2. Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Professional Report: Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Professional Report meets the specific requirements of individual state boards of nursing.

What is the pass mark for OET?


How many years gap is accepted for nurses in UK?

Foreign nurses registering in UK despite 20-year work gap | Nursing | The Guardian.

Can I retake OET writing only?

Certain sections of the test (such as the writing exam) can be very difficult and it can be painful to have to resit the entire exam after missing out on just one or two sections of the test. The good news is that OET allows you to resit the exam one section at a time.

How long is OET valid for?

two years

Who is eligible for OET?

Healthcare professionals who are looking to work or study in the healthcare sector in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia are required to register for the OET to be able to prove their level of English proficiency to be able to deliver superior healthcare.

How do I register with Cgfns?

ONLINE REGISTRATION- Online registration can be done from the official website ( You need to have a credit card for that. They accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover/Novus. NOTE: American Express card is not accepted.

What is C+ OET?

NMC amends OET Writing to C+ Since then the Council has undertaken significant engagement with OET to ascertain that an OET C+ in Writing is equivalent to an IELTS Writing score of 6.5.

Is OET exam difficult?

Which test is easier? As expected, the two tests vary in difficulty. The OET is easier in some ways because it is more specific to healthcare, so you can make use of your healthcare knowledge, vocabulary and experiences. IELTS is different to the OET – it is not specific to the healthcare profession.

Which all countries need OET?

Who recognises OET results?

  • Australia. Government.
  • Ireland. Medical Council.
  • Maldives. Maldives Medical and Dental Council.
  • Malta. The Council of Nurses and Midwives.
  • Namibia. Health Professions Councils of Namibia.
  • New Zealand. Government.
  • Philippines. Universities and Education.
  • Qatar. Hamad Medical Corporation.

Is Canada accept OET?

OET, the English language test for healthcare professionals, will be available at a new Canadian venue from August 2019.

How do I pass OET writing?

OET Writing Exam: The 5 Best Tips

  1. Understand the writing task. The first thing you should look for is the writing task.
  2. Understand the case notes. You should spend around 3-4 minutes carefully reading and understanding the case notes.
  3. Know your abbreviations.
  4. Choose relevant information.
  5. Plan your writing structure.

How do I book OET at home?

How do I book OET@Home? Please book your test via the OET website. 2021 bookings for OET on computer and OET@Home will open in the new year. In the meantime, there are plenty of seats available for OET on paper, which you can book here.