How do you cite a fish in Virginia?

How do you cite a fish in Virginia?

For a length citation, anglers must lay the fish on top of or next to a ruler and the photo must be clear and legible. Do not lay the ruler over the curvature of the fish’s body. For a weight citation the photo must show the entire fish on the scale. The scale needs to be clear and legible.

What is the Virginia state record for smallmouth bass?

8 lbs. 1 oz.
Updated: March 21, 2021

Species Weight Location
Smallmouth Bass 8 lbs. 1 oz. New River
Spotted Bass** 6 lbs. 10 oz. Flannagan Reservoir
Spotted Bass 4 lbs. 12 oz. Claytor Lake
Striped Bass 53 lbs. 7 oz. Leesville Reservoir

What does it mean to have a citation fish?

831 Posts. #2 · Jun 19, 2003 (Edited) Only show this user. It’s something to recognize that you caught a trophy fish. Can either be done by weight or length, and you don’t have to kill the fish to do it.

How big is a citation bass?

Freshwater Citation Sizes in Virginia

Species Weight Length
Largemouth Bass 8 lbs. 22 “
Smallmouth Bass 5 lbs. 20 “
Crappie 2 lbs. 15 “
Rock Bass 1 lb. 12 “

What is a citation red drum in Virginia?

Red drum continue to produce large fish. This species is eligible for a release citation only, for fish measuring at least 46 inches in length. In Virginia, only red drum measuring 18 to 26 inches can be kept.

How do you become a master angler in Virginia?

When an angler catches 5 trophy-size fish of different species (see Trophy Freshwater Fish Size Chart), he/she is automatically recognized as a Master Angler I. There are 4 successive levels of Master Angler recognition.

Where was the biggest smallmouth bass ever caught?

Dale Hollow Lake
lists as the all-tackle world record an 11-pound, 15-ounce smallmouth caught in Tennessee’s Dale Hollow Lake in 1955.

What is the largest smallmouth bass ever caught?

(The Hall of Fame reinstated Hayes in 1999.) Fortunately, Hayes, then 80 years old, lived to see his fate turn around. Today, his 11-pound, 15-ounce smallmouth is not only the biggest anyone has ever seen, it’s also the undisputed world record. Any 27 inch bass weighing 8 lbs would look skeletal.

How big does a red drum have to be to get a citation?

40 inches
For the drums, red and black, red drum regulations require all fish over 27 inches must be released. So all citations are live catch and release with the minimum length being 40 inches.

How old is a 5 lb smallmouth bass?

A big bass, say five pounds, might be anywhere between six and 16 years old. Growth rate is an important aspect of the biology of bass and all other fish species, and it takes a careful examination of many fish to provide information of value to Division biologists.

How big can a smallmouth bass get?

The heaviest reported weight for a smallmouth bass is 5.4 kg (11 lbs., 15 oz.) SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm). The maximum recorded length for a smallmouth bass is 27.2 in (69 cm).

What is a citation spadefish in Virginia?

The Atlantic spadefish (Chaetodipterus faber) is an attractive black and white zebra-striped fish common just offshore in the southeastern United States and Caribbean. A 13-pound, 5-ounce spadefish (right) caught on May 29th 2006 by Michael K. Hanhart is the certified new Virginia state record.