How do you change Nike lenses?

How do you change Nike lenses?

Starts here0:24Changing lenses on Nike Tailwind 12 sunglasses – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip24 second suggested clipAnd to get it back in do the reverse you want to catch that corner in there and then kind of justMoreAnd to get it back in do the reverse you want to catch that corner in there and then kind of just angle it up and push something to pull.

Do Nike glasses have a warranty?

Nike Vision products are warrantied against all manufacturer defects for two years. Nike Vision does not warranty against lost items or lenses against scratching. Warranty is valid only if purchased through an authorized Nike Vision dealer.

What are the parts on glasses called?

Temples: These are the part of the glasses frame that keep your glasses on your face securely. The temples (sometimes referred to as the arms) hook behind your ears and hold the glasses in place. Temple tips: Along with the temples, there are temple tips placed on the edge of the temples.

How do you pop out Nike sunglasses?

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What does Nike Max optics mean?

Nike MAX Optics technology, available in all of Nike’s performance sunglasses, helps provide zero distortion when looking straight ahead and minimal distortion across the curve of the lens. Engineers identify the best optical zone, cutting the lens precisely where the line of sight aligns with the optical sweet spot.

How do you fix the arm hinge on glasses?

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How do you fix arm pads on glasses?

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Can sunglass lenses be replaced?

After a lot of use, your sunglass lenses may get scratched, smudged, or damaged. Replacing the lenses can give them new life and save you the hassle of buying a new pair. Start by choosing replacement lenses that are the correct type and size. You can then remove and put in the new lenses in just a few steps.

Can my old Nike eyeglasses be repaired?

In the last ten years we have repaired many pairs of Nike eyeglasses and sunglasses hinges. A repair is often easier and faster than to find an original part for your older Nike glasses. A repair is almost always less expensive than replacement.

What makes a great pair of Nike sunglasses?

At The Sunglass Fix we know how important great optics are in a pair of Nike sunglasses. That is why we have developed precision Polyamide lenses with the optical clarity of glass.

What parts of my eyeglasses can be replaced?

Virtually any part of your eyeglasses can be replaced. We offer the most common replacement parts for glasses, including nose pad replacement parts and temple tips.