How do you care for an Oncidium orchid indoors?

How do you care for an Oncidium orchid indoors?

Many oncidiums require less humidity than other orchids. Most greenhouses have adequate humidity. In the home, placing the plants above moist pebbles in trays is ideal. Fertilize regularly while plants are actively growing.

How much light do Oncidium orchids need?

Where should I put my orchid? Oncidiums are light-loving orchids, with some able to handle direct, full sun. They thrive at 60-65° F at night, and 70-85° F during the day.

How long do Oncidium flowers last?

Oncidium Care Summary & Cheat Sheet

Light 2000 to 4000 footcandles, indirect
Repotting Every 2 years, after blooming
Blooms Expose to cooler temperatures to encourage blooming
Fertilizer Weak 30-10-10 fertilizer, every 2 to 3 weeks
Pruning Remove old spikes and rotten pseudobulbs, when necessary

What is the best potting mix for Oncidium orchids?

Many Oncidiums are tightly packed in potting material that does not promote long-term health. The potting mix that I use and trust is by Bonsai Jack. This mix is made primarily of Fir bark and supplemented with horticulture charcoal and perlite to allow optimum airflow to the orchid’s roots.

Are Oncidium orchids easy to care for?

Oncidium orchids are fast-growing and easy to cultivate. Well cared for plants put out new bulbs all the time, forming large clumps. Simply break them apart into divisions of three or so. You may not even need tools to do it!

Why are my Oncidium leaves turning yellow?

This is normal and natural. Sometimes a stress, such as repotting, will cause an orchid to lose a leaf or two on an old pseudobulb. The orchid in the picture, an Oncidium, is doing just that. After repotting it has chosen to shed the leaves on its oldest pseudobulb (often called a “back bulb”).

How do I get my dancing lady orchid to bloom?

Humidity: Moderate, preferably 50-60% relative humidity. Use a humidity tray or room humidifier, if needed. Temperature: 55-60°F/13-16°C nights and 65-75°F/18-24°C days; slightly cooler nights will help these beauties bloom. Fertilizer: Feed during active growth every 3 weeks with an organic orchid fertilizer.

Do Oncidium orchids rebloom?

Blooming – Depending on the variety the flowering season can be at any time of year, but is generally heaviest in the fall and spring. Many hybrids can bloom 2-3 times per year. In order to initiate the flower spikes, it is important to grow the plant in an area where the night temperatures fall below 65°.