How do you activate Super Tails in Sonic 2?

How do you activate Super Tails in Sonic 2?

The transformation can only be obtained by collecting the seven Super Emeralds while playing as Tails. The player can then activate Tails’ Super State by collecting fifty Rings and then press the jump button twice.

How do you get super Knuckles in Sonic 2?

By locking-on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, the player is able to get normally Super Knuckles in Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds. In gameplay, Super Knuckles’ abilities are identical to that in Sonic & Knuckles.

How do you make Tails fly in Sonic 2?

You need to at least have a second controller if you’re playing by yourself. You need to make Tails fly by having him jump in the air, then hit the jump button again in mid-air. He’ll then start flying and you need to keep hitting the jump button to make him ascend or release it to descend.

How do you get infinite lives in Sonic 2?

Infinite Lives As soon as you can move Sonic, hold down, and press C(don’t let go of down on the D-pad). This will activate Sonic’s spin; Tails will copy the Sonic spin also. Press the B button and Sonic will become the Debug cursor. (Tails will be locked in the sonic spin move).

Can you turn into Super Knuckles in Sonic 2?

To transform into Super Knuckles, the player has to hit the jump button twice, as opposed to the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where the player could turn into Super Sonic by simply jumping.

Can Super knuckles fly?

His reflexes are also improved, allowing him to keep up with his increased movements. Like the traditional Super State, Knuckles gains new abilities in this form too, including high-speed run-flight and virtual invulnerability to harm.

Can Tails lift Sonic in Sonic 2?

Fly with Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive by JoseTB which allows for Tails to fly, similar to how he does in later games. He also cannot lift Sonic, nor swim underwater, nor does he tire and descend after a long flight.

What are the cheats for Sonic Mega Collection?

Sonic Mega Collection – Cheats. 1 Comix Zone Cheats (Japanese version only) For cheats in Comix Zone, go to the jukebox and play these numbers. Use the X button to play the music 2 Debug – S3K. 3 Debug Mode (Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2) 4 Finish Game (Sonic 3D) 5 Flicky Level Select.

How to level up in Sonic the Hedgehog no save?

Start A No-save game and select who ever, Then as S-E-G-A Appears fully tap each letter in order and you will hear a ring chime, Then at the title screen press 2 fingers on the screen and you will be taken to level select. Contributed By: Sonicdude2356.

How do you play Sonic the Hedgehog in slow motion?

First, enter the level select code, found somewhere in the list of all other codes. Then start your game in any level. When you start, press pause. Then hold down B button and try to do anything with Sonic. The game will play in slow motion as long as you hold down the B button.

How do you change the level of the sound test in Sonic?

At the title screen, hold A and press start on a character to access a level select which contains a sound test. You’ll notice a number in the top-left corner. Press C to change it. It is a character select. 00, 01, 02 is Sonic and 03 is Knuckles. Use START to select a level.