How do I upgrade RealPlayer to premium?

How do I upgrade RealPlayer to premium?

Open RealPlayer and click the orange “Upgrade to Plus” button in the upper right of the player. 3. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

How do I Update RealPlayer?

How can I update to the latest version?

  1. Open RealPlayer.
  2. Click the logo, then Check for Update: – If the Message Center window appears, click Update to get the latest version of RealTimes/RealPlayer.
  3. If prompts appear for additional steps, follow them for complete installation.

How do I install RealPlayer Plus for free?

To download your RealPlayer Plus or put it on a second computer without being charged again, visit If you are on Windows 7 or higher, click the Download Free button. There is no separate download when you purchase RealPlayer Plus–simply sign in to access the premium features.

Is RealPlayer Plus free?

RealPlayer for the PC has both a free version and a Plus version which unlocks more features (such as DVD and MP3 CD burning) for a one-time purchase.

What is RealPlayer premium?

Premium PC Features Using RealPlayer on your PC provides a bundle of extra features to make managing your media library and doing more with your videos and music simple.

Is RealPlayer any good?

There are many good reviews about Real Player for Windows 10 and earlier versions in PC Advisor, CNET, Amazon and more. What’s more, Real Player is rated as 4.3 in Google Play Store by 226,962 users. “With Real Player Cloud, I am able to save my important pictures and videos and share them with my family and friends.”

What is Real Player premium?

Is Windows 10 compatible with RealPlayer?

Yes, the PC version of RealPlayer with RealTimes is compatible with Windows 10 and includes the Download This Video feature for the new Edge browser.

Does anyone use RealPlayer anymore?

RealPlayer still exists, but the RealPlayer of 1998 could not be more different from the RealPlayer of the present.

Is RealTimes safe?

It is safe to install RealTimes and RealPlayer when you download it from or using the “Check for Update” function in the RealPlayer itself. Note: Sometimes anti-virus software companies release definitions that trigger a false alert when certain programs are launched or certain files are accessed.

What is RealPlayer Plus?

A one-time purchase of RealPlayer 18 Plus unlocks the ability to play and burn DVDs, burn MP3 CDs, clean your music library, and create longer Story montages using a greater variety of effects than in the free version, as well as other features.

How do I upgrade to RealPlayer Plus?

1. If you haven’t already, download the latest free version from 2. Open RealPlayer and click the orange “Upgrade to Plus” button in the upper right of the player. 3. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. 4. Sign in with the email address and password you created for your account. 5.

What are the different versions of realrealplayer?

RealPlayer Real JukeBox 1 (Windows 95) RealPlayer JukeBox 2 (Windows 95) RealPlayer JukeBox 1 (Windows 95) RealPlayer G2 RealPlayer 8 (Windows 95) RealPlayer 8 RealPlayer 7 (Windows 95) RealPlayer 7 RealPlayer 6 (Windows 95) RealPlayer 6 RealPlayer 5 (Windows 95) RealPlayer 5 RealPlayer 4 (Windows 95) RealPlayer 4 RealPlayer 3 (Windows 95)

Where can I find the RealPlayer Plus 16 logo?

When you are signed in, the RealPlayer Plus 16 logo is on the Menu button: How can I view, manage, or change my Real subscription account? Click , and select Help > Manage My Account.

What is RealPlayer 20/20?

RealPlayer® 20/20 is the fastest, easiest, and fun new way to download and experience video Learn about plans for RealPlayer. Try it free or upgrade to paid plans to get all the latest features. RealPlayer Pricing Plans