How do I unlock the engine on my LG washing machine?

How do I unlock the engine on my LG washing machine?

To do so, power on the machine, press the spin speed button until No Spin is selected. And then start the cycle. This will activate the drain only function on your LG front load washer. Once the water has drained pause or stop the cycle and the door will unlock.

Why is LG washer not draining?

Unbalanced Load. One of the most common reasons your LG washer won’t drain often results from an unbalanced load. Washing a large or heavy item can cause it to settle on one side of the washer drum. When this happens your LG washer won’t drain or spin properly and water will be left behind.

What does Le mean on an LG front load washer?

An LE error code on the washer’s display indicates that the motor is locked, possibly due to a heavy wash load. Large and heavy sized loads will put a strain on the motor, causing the LE code to occur. Performing a reset on the washer will normally resolve this error with a reduced load size.

What does Le mean on my LG dishwasher?

If you’re seeing an LG dishwasher error code LE, this is the error code indicating that the control isn’t sensing the motor in the dishwasher.

What is download cycle in LG washing machine?

LG’s Tag On cycle download allows you to download cycles to your washer or dryer for later use. The cycle will be available at the download cycle position on the control panel until another cycle is downloaded. Open the LG laundry smartphone app and select Tag On.

What does the Le error code mean on a LG washer?

Overloaded washer. Make sure the washer isn’t overloaded.

  • Too much detergent. If you see lots of suds in the tub,let the washer sit idle for 30 minutes so the foam dissipates.
  • Drive system obstruction. If you didn’t overload the washer and you don’t see excessive suds,check the rotation of the spin basket.
  • Loose wiring or defective drive motor.
  • What does the LE code mean on a LG dishwasher?

    The LE error code on the LG dishwasher display is an indication of a MOTOR ERROR. The 5 issues that may cause this fault code is a wiring problem (most common reason for LE error), the impeller of washing pump is locked, the rotor of washing motor is locked, the blade is locked, or the PCB main control board is faulty.

    What causes “UE” error code on LG washer?

    How To Fix It? Motor Malfunction. After leveling the unit and checking the software, if the UE code continues to effect every load your LG washer’s motor may have a malfunction. Failed Hall Sensor. The hall sensor or rotor position sensor helps monitor your LG washer’s motor operations. Loose Motor Nut. Wiring Issue. Control Board Failure. Worn-Out Suspension Rods.

    What is the CL code on a LG washer?

    LG error code CL. If you have an LG washing machine which is indicating error code CL it may just have the child lock activated. CL almost certainly stands for child lock. Try holding down the temperature and eco/rapid options together to turn off child lock.