How do I test my Citrix HDX?

How do I test my Citrix HDX?

  1. In Citrix Receiver for Windows, go to Connection Center -> Select your Server -> Properties, and check for DTLS if you are connecting via NetScaler Gateway:
  2. On NetScaler Gateway: Go to Configuration > NetScaler Gateway and click on ICA Connections.
  3. Director will also validate if EDT is active.

How do I know if my HDX 3D Pro is enabled?

To confirm that HDX 3D Pro was enabled, launch a published Desktop to the VDA and download the “HDX 3D Pro Health Check Tool” from CTX135593 – HDX 3D Pro Health Check Tool. Run the “HDX 3D Pro Health Check Tool” within the Desktop ICA session and go to Graphic – Thinwire.

How do I disable Citrix HDX?


  1. Open the Citrix Receiver Group Policy Object administrative template by running gpedit. msc.
  2. Under the Computer Configuration node, go to Administrative Templates > Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace > User Experience.
  3. Select Hardware Acceleration for graphics.
  4. Select Disabled and click Apply and OK.

What is HDX session?

Citrix HDX is a suite of proprietary technologies that delivers a high-definition experience to users of virtual desktops and virtual applications. Optimize the user experience and IT control. Decrease bandwidth consumption. Increase user density per hosting server.

What is the HDX?

HDX is a hi-definition (HD) format developed by Vudu that allows streaming video at a better quality than HD streams from other providers like Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and iTunes. HDX uses algorithms to detect such scenes and re-encode them so that the video quality that humans perceive is higher.

How does Citrix HDX work?

HDX supports multicasting of multimedia streams, where delivery of a single transmission from the source to many users creates one-to-many communications. HDX caching de-duplicates commonly accessed data including bitmap graphics, files, print jobs and streamed media.

What is EDT protocol?

EDT is a Citrix-proprietary transport protocol built on top of User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It delivers a superior user experience on challenging long-haul connections while maintaining server scalability.

How do I enable HDX in Citrix?

Enable or disable HDX Insight virtual channel To disable this feature, set the Citrix NetScaler Application Flow service properties to Disabled. To enable, set the service to Automatic. In either case, we recommend that you restart the server machine after changing these properties.

What is Citrix HDX engine?

The HDX RealTime Media Engine is a plug-in to the Citrix Receiver to support clear, crisp high-definition audio-video calls, particularly with Microsoft Skype® for Business.

How do I enable Citrix HDX on my team?

Click on the avatar / About / Version. “Citrix HDX Optimized” should be displayed. This means Teams is ready for an optimized call.

What is HDX solution?

Healthcare Data Exchange (HDX) is regarded as a market leader in the healthcare industry for the delivery of revenue cycle transaction services to providers, payers, and third-party clients. Implementation of the HDX revenue cycle solution fully equips healthcare providers to proficiently manage their business flow.