How do I return a car to BWI?

How do I return a car to BWI?

To return your BWI car rental, take Airport Highway and follow signs for Car Rental Return; the address is 7432 New Ridge Road, Hanover, MD.

How do I return a rental car after hours?

If you want to return a vehicle when the renting location is closed, you must check with them when picking up your vehicle to determine if an “after hours” service drop box is available. Doing so will help you avoid additional charges.

Does dollar charge a one way fee?

One-Way Deals With No Drop-Off Fees You can pick-up a rental car at one Dollar location, and return at another! One-way rentals with Dollar Car Rental are perfect for relocating, road trip adventures, college drop-offs and family vacations.

Does Baltimore airport have rental cars?

BWI Marshall Airport has opened a spacious, rental car facility providing a one-stop rental car station for our customers. The facility is located at Stoney Run Road and New Ridge Road. Free shuttle service carries customers to and from the airport approximately every ten minutes.

Who is NextCar?

NextCar is a car rental company based in Laurel, Maryland. It is owned by the Fitzgerald Group of companies. The company offers everything from small cars all the way up to vans, SUVs, trucks and luxury cars. NextCar began franchising in 2015 and is now part of the NP Franchise Group alongside the brand Priceless.

Can I return a rental car after hours Dollar?

At many locations you can leave the vehicle in the rental car parking lot after hours. Please note the mileage on the rental contract jacket along with the fuel level reading. You may leave the printed rental agreement inside the vehicle and drop the keys in the after hours key return box.

Can you drop off a dollar rental car after hours?

The Rental Rate is subject to increase if the vehicle is returned more than 24 hours before or 24 hours after the scheduled return time. Late returns beyond our 30-minute grace period may be subject to extra hour and/or extra day charges, in addition to any other rental charges.

What happens when you return a rental car?

Rental car companies generally give passengers a very short grace period, usually 29 minutes from the return time on the customer’s rental contract. If a car is returned even one minute past that grace period, usually the company will charge the customer an hourly rate until it’s returned.

How much does it cost to keep a rental car an extra day?

It’s customary for companies to charge $10 to $20 per day on top of other rental fees when a customer doesn’t call to get an extension.