How do I reset my Topfield box?

How do I reset my Topfield box?

To reset the Topfield go into the Main Menu then select Installation. Select System Recovery. Select Factory Setting. On the confirmation screen select “Yes” to confirm this.

How do I connect my PVR to my Smart TV?

The best and simplest way of connecting a PVR to a flat screen TV is by using a HDMI lead. This connects the digital video and audio from the PVR to the flat screen TV all in the one cable. In the above example, the PVR is connected to HDMI input 1 of the flat screen TV.

How do I activate my PVR?

How to activate your wired HD receiver or PVR

  1. Once you see the Fibe TV activation screen, press SELECT to begin the activation.
  2. Select the desired language.
  3. Select Activate.
  4. If youʼre repairing a PVR, press SELECT to restart your HD PVR.
  5. If you have an HD PVR, itʼs now restarting.

How do I connect my set top box to my TV without HDMI?

How do you connect a TV to a receiver without HDMI? You can use any RCA audio cables, a composite video cable, a 5-cable component RCA video cable, or an HDMI converter that matches the input option you have available.

How do I connect my set top box to my TV wirelessly?

Power off your set-top or cable box and plug one end of the HDMI cable into the back of that. Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the transmitter where it says “HDMI Input.” Now you are ready to plug the power adapter into the transmitter and a wall socket. Make sure the green power light comes on.

How do I install DStv wizard?

Running the installation wizard on the HD decoder

  1. Press the blue “DStv button”
  2. Use the right arrow to go to “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “Satellite Settings”
  4. Then choose “Home Network”
  5. Select “Launch Installation Wizard” then press “OK” on the remote.
  6. Choose the satellite that matches your country.