How do I reschedule my naturalization oath ceremony?

How do I reschedule my naturalization oath ceremony?

If you cannot attend your scheduled naturalization ceremony, return the notice, Form N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony, to your local USCIS office, along with a letter requesting a new date and explaining why you cannot attend the scheduled naturalization ceremony.

Can I reschedule my oath ceremony USA?

You must turn in your card in order to attend the oath ceremony and receive your naturalization certificate. You may not be able to take the oath. USCIS may reschedule you for a later date. If you miss the ceremony two times without an explanation, USCIS will take steps to deny your application.

What happens if I can’t make my oath ceremony?

What If You Cannot Go To The Citizenship Oath Ceremony? If you cannot go to the oath ceremony, you should return the “Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony” (Form N-445) that USCIS sent to you. You should send the N-445 back to your local office. Include a letter saying why you cannot go to the ceremony.

Can you expedite oath ceremony?

An applicant, who has sufficient cause, may request that USCIS grant an expedited oath ceremony. In determining whether to grant a request for an expedited oath ceremony, the USCIS District Director may consider special circumstances which are of compelling or humanitarian concern.

How long does it take to reschedule naturalization interview?

You should then expect to receive an interview cancellation notice and a new appointment notice in the mail. The new appointment can take approximately 4-8 weeks, or sometimes longer, to be scheduled.

How many times can I reschedule my citizenship interview?

Sponsored Listing Generally, USCIS will allow two rescheduling of an interview.

How many times can I reschedule naturalization interview?

Why did Uscis cancel my oath ceremony?

Unfortunately, we are not living in normal circumstances. As of early 2020, the most likely reason for this delay is the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the closure of USCIS offices and cancellation of swearing-in ceremonies for the immediate future.

Can I withdraw my n400 after interview?

You may withdraw your application at any time during the naturalization process by sending a request in writing to your USCIS district director. If the district director agrees to the withdrawal, your application will be denied without further notice.