How do I remove page titles in WordPress?

How do I remove page titles in WordPress?

You can remove page titles on pages these two ways: A) Go to the Pages tab on your WordPress Dashboard, select all pages and then under ‘Bulk Actions’ select ‘Edit’. Next, select under ‘Template’ > ‘Page Without Title’, and save changes.

How do I hide page title in WooCommerce?

To hide or remove the page title in WooCommerce you have to add custom CSS or PHP code to your theme files to remove the title from your page. To do this, log into your WordPress site and in the left side menu go to Appearance > Customize and the find and click Additional CSS to insert the custom code found below.

How do I use WordPress title remover plugin?


  1. Use WordPress’ plugin interface to find and install the plugin.
  2. Start editing the post or page whose title you want to hide or use the global option page “Settings->Extended Title Remover”.
  3. Among the boxes on the right side you will find one titled ‘Hide Title?’. Click on the checkbox.
  4. Save changes.

How do I hide a page in WordPress?

Simply edit the post or page that you want to protect. Under the Document setting in your WordPress editor, click on the link next to the ‘Visibility’ option. This will show the visibility options available in WordPress. You can keep a post/page public, make it private, or password protect it.

How do I remove the title block in WordPress?

In the content editor, you will see a new tool labeled, “Hide Title.” Simply click the check box to hide the title and save the page. It’s that simple. Now, you can hide the titles for any post or page in WordPress individually.

How do I hide site titles in WordPress?

Open any page you previously saved in WordPress. In the content editor, you will see a new tool labeled, “Hide Title.” Simply click the check box to hide the title and save the page. It’s that simple.

How do I hide pages on WordPress dashboard?

To do so, click on Write Options – Post or Write Options – Page from the mini menu on Adminimize settings. You can hide almost any item that appears on the write screen. The first few options allow you to show / hide different meta boxes and sections from your post edit screen.

What is a private page in WordPress?

A WordPress private page is a regular, static WordPress page that’s hidden from the public. A visitor who comes to that page accidentally, or with a direct URL link, doesn’t see any of the content on that private page. But then who has access to a WordPress Private page? Those with specific user access to that page.

How do you hide a title in CSS?

Hide Page Titles From Displaying On Specific Pages & Posts Using CSS Code. The easiest way to hide the title of your page or post is to simply remove it after publishing. You could then add the title at the top of the page/posts content area and use the Heading (H1) tags.

How to hide the title of Posts and pages in WordPress?

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Then Create New Post/Page Or you can use old one. Now go to edit screen for pages or posts and click on the Hide the title options. After you click on “Hide the title” just publish or update the page or post.

How to remove headlines from WordPress posts and pages?

In general settings there are two options – “Hide page titles from all pages” and “Hide post titles from all posts”. Choose any option you need and just click the save button. If you need to remove headline for specific post, then go to the post from admin panel and edit it.

How to remove a page title from a WordPress page?

Let me show you how to use it. First, you need to go to Plugins -> Add New from the left sidebar and then, search for the “Title Remover” plugin using the search box. Once you find it, you should install and activate the plugin. Next, head over to Pages -> All Pages and then click on the page whose title needs to be removed.

How to hide sidebar menu item in WordPress?

Log in to WordPress admin panel. Go to WordPress Plugins page, then click Add New, after that click Upload Plugin. Click “Choose file” then select the plugin zip file. After that Install and activate the plugin. Yes, you can do it from admin panel, simply using two general options. This hides a sidebar menu item, it is not hiding page titles.