How do I print Blue Mountain cards?

How do I print Blue Mountain cards?

Welcome To the Help Center When you are ready to print your card or project, click “Print” and follow the on-screen instructions that appear.

Can you send Blue Mountain cards by text?

Unfortunately we no longer offer the option to send ecards to mobile phones via SMS. However, our ecards can be accessed from mobile phones and sent via email.

Are BlueMountain cards free?

Free Ecards & Greeting Cards.

Is Blue Mountain Arts legit?

Blue Mountain Arts is a very well-established company that first set down their humble roots in 1971.

How do you text a blue mountain ecard?

Welcome To the Help Center

  1. Click “Add New Text” located to the left of the workspace.
  2. A text box will appear in the middle of your card, along with a pop up that will allow you to add a personal message and change the font, color, size, and alignment of your message.

How do I send a Blue Mountain ecard?

Welcome To the Help Center

  1. Choose the eCard you wish to send.
  2. Click on the Personalize and Send button.
  3. Type your personal message instead of pasting from another document.
  4. Preview Message.
  5. Send card via Email is default setting.
  6. Click Continue to Delivery Information.

Is Blue Mountain Cards still in business?

In 1996, we started the Web site, offering electronic versions of our greeting cards. A dot-com group, [email protected], bought the site and later sold it to American Greetings. We kept the Blue Mountain Arts name and continue to operate our own company.

Who owns Blue Mountain cards?

American Greetings
American Greetings said Thursday that it has acquired Blue Mountain Arts, the struggling online greeting division of [email protected], for $35 million in cash. American Greetings will combine Blue Mountain with its own online card service,

Is Blue Mountain ecards safe?

Unfortunately we are aware of malicious activity being channeled through invalid ecard notifications. If you have any doubt as to whether or not your ecard notice is valid and truly from, you can always follow these simple and safe steps: Go to the ecard pickup link at the bottom of the page.

Can I send a Christmas card by text message?

Yes, you can send eCards by text message as well as by email. The best alternative would be to text recipients a direct link to the ecard.

Can I send an ecard with a gift card?

You can text gift cards or send them online via email, social media or your favorite messaging app. (Ecards with egift cards can be sent up to a year in advance.)