How do I identify my Murano beads?

How do I identify my Murano beads?

If you see the Murano Glass Consortium sign on the piece with a QR code, like the one on the photo of the bowl below, the piece is authentic. If you see the name of the factory on the label, research where they are located. If they are outside of Venice and Murano, they are not selling authentic Murano Glass.

Are Burano and Murano the same?

Murano may not be as colorful as Burano but it still has a lot to offer. Murano is where the amazing Venetian glass is made. The glass blowing industry was moved to Murano from Venice when it was decided there was a serious fire risk. It’s not as colorful or as crowded as Burano, but it still has charm.

What is Murano and Burano known for?

Burano and Murano – two of the most charming islands near Venice. The former became famous mostly thanks to its colorful houses whereas the other one is renowned for its glass-making tradition. It doesn’t really make a lot of difference which island to see first and the decision is completely up to you.

What is special about Murano glass?

Murano glass is created only on the island of Murano, located within the borders of the city of Venice in Northern Italy. This method of glass-making results in unique creations with rich coloring and beautiful, sometimes surreal, patterns and shapes, which are real artworks.

What is the Murano Glass mark?

The Pontil mark is a scar that was left behind when the glass master broke the Pontil rod of the finished blown Murano glasswork. The Pontil mark can be found on the bottom of a hand-blown artwork. Touch it with your finger and you can feel that the surface of the Pontil mark is not smooth.

What does the word Murano mean?

Italian: habitational name for someone from Murano. Japanese: ‘village field’; found throughout Japan, but not in large numbers.

Is Burano famous for glass?

Murano and Burano are islands in the Venetian lagoon and are famous for the high quality of their artisan crafts. You’ll visit a glass-blowing factory in Murano and see beautiful lace fabric in Burano when you join our tours.