How do I get the sword in Witcher 2?

How do I get the sword in Witcher 2?

A Silver-plated sword can be purchased from Berthold Candeleria. A Robust witchers’ silver sword can be purchased from a mysterious merchant. A diagram for the robust sword can be found in a chest while sneaking around in Indecent Proposal.

How do I find my Dun banner?

Talk to Zyvik at length after you rescue the two soldiers in the Lost Lambs side quest. He will tell you of the standard of Dun Banner if you ask about it. The standard is an artifact that you’ll need to find in order to lift the curse from the battlefield.

Where can I find Vinson Traut?

It currently is in possession of a man named Vinson Traut, who is plotting against the king. To find him, you must find the root of the rebellion. You can do so by completing either the The Butcher of Cidaris story quest or the In Cervisia Veritas quest (or both).

What is the best steel sword in Witcher 2?

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Name Buy Damage
Caerme 1849 50 – 58
Ceremonial sword of Deithwen 1032 36 – 45
Cleaver 181 12 – 17
Cutlass 408 12 – 17

How do I get the spear in Witcher 2?

You can receive this quest when you arrive in Tunnel of the Founders and speak to Zoltan Chivay and Saskia. Saskia says that Iorveth lost the spear of destiny at poker dice. Now it is in the hands of Skalen Burdon who won the match. When you turn back to the Mahakam Gate, you have to beat the dwarf at dice.

How do I get to the place of power in The Witcher 2?

In the woods, you surely know the place where you have the tower on your right and a smaller lake on your left. The solution is easy: You have to turn left and get past the lake, you will find a small path that actually takes you up to the tower.

Is Menno Coehoorn dead?

Deceased (1641–1704)Menno van Coehoorn / Living or Deceased

Who was chief commander at Brenna Witcher 2?

The name of the chief Nilfgaardian commander at Brenna – Menno Coehoorn.

How do you beat Vinson Traut?

Either use Quen for a shield or Yrden/Aard to stun him before rushing in for a few attacks and then retreating once he recovers. Heavy, powerful swords are useful for maximizing damage inflicted on each push. If you’re lucky, Aard could give you an instant kill, as well.

How do you get Seltkirk armor?

On Roche’s path, Seltkirk’s armor can be looted from the body of Vinson Traut in the basement of the old tower in the camp followers’ encampment during the quests “Conspiracy Theory” and “Courage Symbolized”. When choosing Iorveth’s path, it will be obtained from Philippa Eilhart.

Who is Vandergrift in the Witcher 2?

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Vandergrift, also known as the Visitor, was the general of the Kaedweni forces in the second war between Kaedwen and Aedirn. During that war, Henselt’s troops, including the dreaded Dun Banner, crossed the Pontar the third day after the autumn equinox.

What happened to Vandergrift’s sword?

In response, Vandergrift had the smith who had forged the sword hanged, and commissioned a new sword forged by the best smiths and mages in Kaedwen.

How did Geralt break the curse of Vandergrift?

Saskia later gave the sword to Geralt of Rivia to use to break the curse laid on the battlefield from three years earlier, during which Geralt fought and defeated Vandergrift in the form of a Draug . In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Vandergrift only appears as the arch-wraith Draug.