How do I get in contact with record label?

How do I get in contact with record label?

Contacting a Label That Accepts Demos. Visit your preferred label’s website and locate where to send your demo. Most labels have a website where you can find contact information. This will probably be at the top or bottom of the home page and may be accessible by clicking “Contact Us” or “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Should you email record labels?

You can find good, accurate music industry contact info with record label email addresses for pretty much every label you can think of via the A&R Registry. Yes, it takes a lot of time to email people individually. But it’s really bad form to spam submissions to record labels.

How do I contact Interscope A&R?

For artist, bands and musicians that want to connect in the industry….A&R and Talent Scout Contacts.

company Interscope Records
position Head of A&R
email Register to view
phone (310) 865-1000
address Register to view

How do producers get signed?

In order for a label to show interest in you as a producer you will need to be making successful recordings already. So get writing and recording with other artists and publish that music. When you’ve had some success and it looks like you are capable of having far more success then they will be ringing you.

How do I contact Roc Nation?

Questions. The Site is provided by Roc Nation LLC. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding this Agreement or the Site, feel free to contact us at 9348 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, (310) 867-7000 or [email protected]

How do I submit a label?

How to Submit Your Demo to a Label

  1. Do: Research the labels you want to work with.
  2. Don’t: Email every label under the sun.
  3. Do: Talk about yourself and your goals.
  4. Don’t: Talk about who you sound like.
  5. Do: Be up front about what stage your music is in.
  6. Don’t: Give up.

Should you start a record label?

As you start your record label, you can choose to accept finished products from artists that you would distribute. However, as your label grows you will want to develop relationships with recording studios. A record label can control costs and help dictate content when it is the one paying for the recording studio time.

What is the best record label?

Cash money is one of the most productive record label at present, and yet comprises of artists that are the most selling artists in the hip hop industry. And is yet one of the record label with numerous members. This record label is the best ever, because the rappers are so damn good.

What should I name my record label?

Hit Mixer

  • Unconventional Records
  • Absolute Records
  • Record Studio Records
  • Track Records
  • Discovery Music
  • Lucky Streak Music
  • Paradise Records
  • Snowflake Music Group
  • Wonder Records
  • What are the four major record labels?

    Warner Music Group is one of the four major record labels. Its labels include Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records, Sire Records, Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, London Records, Rhino Entertainment, Warner Music Australia, Word Entertainment, Warner Western and others.