How do I get a promo code for Silver Dollar City?

How do I get a promo code for Silver Dollar City?

How to get Discount

  1. Click “Buy Tickets”
  2. The 5 digit code (32763) will need to be inputted in the applicable area on top of page.
  3. Select the date of visit – NOTE: admission tickets are valid for up to 5 days prior and 5 days after the selected date.

Do teachers get in free at Silver Dollar City?

Teachers and school personnel must present a valid 2019 school photo ID or an official school paycheck stub (dated within the past 30 days) and a photo I.D. at the Silver Dollar City front gate to receive a one-day ticket to be used the day of purchase. …

What is included in Silver Dollar City tickets?

At Silver Dollar City your gate admission ticket covers all rides and shows. All shows occur several times during the day and are available on a first-come, first-seated basis. A listing of show descriptions and times is available at the front gate entrance.

Is Silver Dollar City owned by Disney?

Silver Dollar City is owned by Herschend Family Entertainment….Silver Dollar City.

Opened May 1, 1960
Operating season March – December
Visitors per year 2.2 million
Area 61 acres (250,000 m2)

Who owns Branson Missouri?

the Virgin Group
In the 1970s he founded the Virgin Group, which today controls more than 400 companies in various fields. Branson expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age….Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson
Occupation Businessman author
Years active 1966–present
Known for Founder of the Virgin Group

How much does it cost to get into Silver Dollar City?

1 Day Pass Sunday – Friday

Adult $74.00 Box Office
Child $64.00 Box Office

How much are the refillable cups at Silver Dollar City?

Refillable Mug If you’re bringing along kiddos, and if you’re planning on more than one full day, Silver Dollar City’s refillable mug is a GREAT deal. You purchase the first mug for $13.99, then additional mugs for $7.99. Each plain (soda, tea, lemonade) refill is $1.33, each specialty (floats, icee, slush) is $2.66.

Which is better Dollywood or Silver Dollar City?

Cleanliness, Dollywood much better as well. Food choices, about the same at both parks. Being a season pass holder at Dollywood has more perks to them then silver dollar city pass holders get. Over all layout of parks, hands down Dollywood is better.

Which is older Dollywood or Silver Dollar City?

Dollywood is a theme park jointly owned by entertainer Dolly Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment….Dollywood.

Opened 1961
Previous names Rebel Railroad (1961–1970) Goldrush Junction (1970–1976) Goldrush (1976–1977) Silver Dollar City, Tennessee (1977–1985)