How do I get a guide on Shaw Direct?

How do I get a guide on Shaw Direct?

You’ll get this feature by pressing the ‘GUIDE’ button twice. It will show you two lines of the guide on the bottom third of the screen. You can see what’s on other channels while continuing to watch a program.

What’s on Shaw TV today?


Time TV Show
8:00 pm 9-1-1 Desperate Measures – Season 5 Episode 3
9:00 pm 9-1-1: Lone Star The Big Heat – Season 2 Episode 12
10:00 pm Fox 2 News 10 PM
11:00 pm I Can See Your Voice Episode 7: Adrienne Houghton, Joel McHale, Deon Cole, Jeff Dye, Cheryl Hines – Season 1 Episode 7

How do I set up Shaw TV Guide?

How to access Guide Settings

  1. Press the MENU button on your Shaw Remote.
  2. Choose the Settings icon from the menu that appears.
  3. Select the Guide option from the list of available settings.

How do I change my Shaw Direct program?

You can change your theme packs and channels by logging into My Shaw and clicking TV from the My Services option at the top. Under Current monthly service click Shop TV programming or Shop Premium Channels. Change your TV plan by selecting the Change TV Plan option.

What channel is crave on Shaw?

Crave (TV network)

Bell Satellite TV Channels 300-303 (East SD) Channels 308-310 (West SD) Channels 1251-1253 (East HD) Channels 1261-1263 (West HD)
Shaw Direct Channels 232-235 (East SD) Channels 251-253 (West SD) Channels 641 and 642 (East HD) Channels 647-649 (West HD)

How do I get the guide to work on my Shaw remote?

Additional Troubleshooting and FAQs

  1. Press MENU on your Shaw remote to access the Main Menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then press OK.
  3. Select Guide, and then Guide Views in the Settings menu by using the ARROW keys on the Shaw remote.

How do I make my guide show only subscribed channels?

You can customize your onscreen guide to display only the channels to which you’re subscribed: Press Options on your Optik TV remote control. Select Favourite lists. Select Subscribed channels….If you want to view all available channels, including ones you do not subscribe to:

  1. Select Options.
  2. select All channels.
  3. Select Ok.