How do I fix my Weight Watchers digital scale?

How do I fix my Weight Watchers digital scale?

Open battery door, remove battery, then insert battery again. If scale still does not work, replace battery. In the event that the scale batteries need to be replaced (display shows “Lo”), remove the screw from the battery cover on the bottom of the scale and remove the cover.

How do I set my Weight Watchers scale?

  1. Set the scale to display pounds or kilograms and place the scale on a hard floor surface.
  2. Turn the scale on by tapping it with your foot.
  3. Press the set button once.
  4. Press the arrow buttons to select your height.
  5. Select your age by moving the arrow buttons up or down and press the “set” button to save your choice.

How do I pair my Itek scale?

You have to be in the app with bluetooth on and the device on. The app will ask you to pair with your device, then they will communicate. So far I’ve only use the app as guest and so far have only been able to get weight on scale. No other measurements.

How do I reset my Weight Watchers Food scale?

Press PointsPlus® button to see the PointsPlus value of the food. 5. To clear the entry and use the scale to weigh another food, press CE and remove item from platform.

How do you use the Conair scale for Weight Watchers?

Body Analysis mode only: Tap on the scale, when 0.0 appear, press USER button, When shown user number, press DOWN button to enter the analysis mode. User stand on the scale, 000 will flash slowly. Scale will show the weight after 2 to 3 second then the weight will become stable.

How do I Reset my Conair Weight Watchers scale?

How do I reset my Conair Weight Watchers scale? 1 Invert the scale and keep it on a rough surface. Make sure that you are placing the weight watcher scale on a proper surface that is even. 2 Turn the scale and stand on the scale for 10 to 15 seconds.

Where can I buy Weight Watchers scale model ww52?

The Weight Watchers by Conair Glass Body Analysis Scale Model WW52 is available at Target, as well as at for an average retail price of $49.99. We received samples in exchange for this review.

Why does my weight watcher scale keep resetting?

As the weight watcher scales are battery operated it is crucial to reset while changing batteries and also reset it once in a while to ensure that there are no wrong measurements or errors in the precise weight measurement. The other reasons for resetting the scale are:

How do I reset the scale to factory settings?

If you wish to erase all user data, you can reset the scale: the reset button is on the bottom of the scale. Insert a wire or paper clip into the hole and push down (similar to a computer rest). The scale display will show “Clr”. This will restore the factory settings and erase all user information.