How do I find ratings for insurance companies?

How do I find ratings for insurance companies?

Before you buy, check out the insurance company’s financial rating:

  1. A.M. Best Co. ( 908-439-2200.
  2. Fitch Ratings ( 800-893-4824.
  3. Moody’s Investor Service, Inc. (
  4. Standard & Poors ( 800-523-4534.
  5. Weiss Ratings ( 877-934-7778.

What does ACORD stand for insurance?

Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development
ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) is the global standards-setting body for the insurance and related financial services industries.

Is AA rating good for insurance?

Insurers that are determined to be financially strong are then assigned an “A” rating….A-rated insurance companies.

Company MetLife
Standard & Poor’s AA-
Moody’s Aa3
AM Best A+

How do I find my A.M. Best rating?

For the latest Best Ratings and Best Company Reports, visit the A.M. Best web site at (or call 908/439-2200, ext. 5742). There is no charge for this service because Best bills the rated insurance companies.

How do I get A.M. Best rating?

To get started in obtaining a Best’s Credit Rating, contact the Business Development Manager who handles your company type and location. Please have corporate structure, domicile, and premiums/ asset information available. This will enable an initial fee quote to be developed.

What is AM Best A+ rating?

AM Best uses both qualitative and quantitative measures to assess an insurance company’s ability to pay claims and meet its financial obligations. AM Best’s financial strength ratings range from the highest A++ to B+, to 10 vulnerable ratings, ranging from B to S, with the lowest indicating a rating was suspended.