How do I delete a temp table in SQL?

How do I delete a temp table in SQL?

Using the DROP TABLE command on a temporary table, as with any table, will delete the table and remove all data. In an SQL server, when you create a temporary table, you need to use the # in front of the name of the table when dropping it, as this indicates the temporary table.

How do I drop all temp tables?

I just wanted to get rid of non-global temp tables, hence the ‘#[^#]%’ in my WHERE clause, drop the [^#] if you want to drop global temp tables as well, or use a ‘##%’ if you only want to drop global temp tables.

Do you need to delete temp table?

If you are wondering why it is not required to drop the temp table at the end of the stored procedure, well, it is because when the stored procedure completes execution, it automatically drops the temp table when the connection/session is dropped which was executing it.

How do I drop tempdb temporary tables?

Just close your query window or hit the disconnect button. If they are global temporary tables ( eg ##tmp ) then they will be dropped when all connections referencing them are disconnected. Just close all your query windows referencing them or disconnect.

What happens if temp table is not dropped?

if you do not drop the temp table, then call the dbo. MyProc again in the same session, you will get an exception thrown when the code tries to create the temp table again.

How do I select a temp table in SQL Server?


  1. — Create Local temporary table.
  2. Create Table #myTable (id Int , Name nvarchar(20))
  3. –Insert data into Temporary Tables.
  4. Insert into #myTable Values (1,’Saurabh’);
  5. Insert into #myTable Values (2,’Darshan’);
  6. Insert into #myTable Values (3,’Smiten’);
  7. — Select Data from the Temporary Tables.
  8. Select * from #myTable.

How long do temp tables last SQL?

Local temporary tables are deleted after the user disconnects from the instance of SQL Server. Global temporary tables are visible to any user and any connection after they are created, and are deleted when all users that are referencing the table disconnect from the instance of SQL Server.

Can we truncate temp table in SQL Server?

Truncating a temp table at the end of the stored procedure that creates it seems to cause the space the table uses in tempdb for the data to be released faster than if no truncate statement is used, despite expectations to the contrary.

What happens if you don’t drop a temp table?

How do I select a temp table?

How to truncate table in SQL?

Create the table customer with the cust_id,Cust_name,Cust_age and Cust_address

  • For Truncate in SQL,insert the records to the following table customer_data with proper inputs.
  • Truncate in SQL can be done now using the following code.
  • For Truncate in SQL,once the table is truncated,the data from the table is removed.
  • How to delete a table in SQL?

    In Object Explorer,select the table you want to delete.

  • Right-click the table and choose Delete from the shortcut menu.
  • A message box prompts you to confirm the deletion. Click Yes. Deleting a table automatically removes any relationships to it.
  • How to drop a table in SQL?

    Permissions Required

  • Setup.
  • Drop Table that Does Not Exist.
  • Option 1 – DROP TABLE if exists using OBJECT_ID () function (all supported versions) Using OBJECT_ID () will return an object id if the name and type passed to it
  • How do I remove SQL?

    On the Select Instance page, use the drop-down box to specify an instance of SQL Server to remove, or specify the option to remove only the SQL Server shared features and management tools. To continue, click Next. On the Select Features page, specify the features to remove from the specified instance of SQL Server.