How do I book an appointment for a blood test in Nova Scotia?

How do I book an appointment for a blood test in Nova Scotia?

Appointments are required for blood collection service. Visit to book your own appointment. Patients can book their own appointment for blood collection service by calling 902-473-2074 or toll-free 1-833-942-2298 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Is blood collection the same as blood test?

Your doctor may send you for a blood test. Blood Collection Clinics are where your blood is taken and sent for testing.

Is Nova Scotia Health Authority government?

The Nova Scotia Health Authority is a provincial health authority serving Nova Scotia, Canada. It is the largest employer in the province, with more than 23,000 employees, 2,500 physicians and 7,000 volunteers working from 45 different facilities.

What is blood sample collection?

Blood collection, or the collection of blood, usually involves the removal of blood and it comes in many different forms. It’s also a common term in blood sampling for laboratory analysis. Three popular methods of blood collection are: Arterial Sampling. Venipuncture Sampling.

Can getting blood drawn make you sick?

It can be triggered by seeing the needle, seeing your own blood, or just feeling anxious about the whole thing. With vasovagal reactions, some people feel nauseated. Others may feel dizzy, start sweating, look pale, or have a temporary drop in heart rate or blood pressure. Some people will even faint.

How many health authorities does Nova Scotia have?

On April 1, Nova Scotia’s nine district health authorities will come together as one.

How many regional hospitals are there in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia Health Authority has 41 hospitals, some within 30 minutes of each other; efficiency of care needs to be assessed.

What vein should be avoided?

arm vein. Veins in the foot and ankle should be utilized only as a last resort. also be avoided. (See picture.)

What is the fear of having blood drawn called?

While some people may feel uneasy about blood from time to time, hemophobia is an extreme fear of seeing blood, or getting tests or shots where blood may be involved.