How do I access my American Funds 401k?

How do I access my American Funds 401k?

Use your plan ID to determine the appropriate URL to access your account.

  1. If your plan ID begins with IRK, BRK or 2, visit
  2. If your plan ID begins with 34 or 135, visit

What kind of account is American Funds?

American Funds’ Growth Fund of America (AGTHX) is a large cap equity fund that focuses on capital growth. Portfolio managers practice active stock selection. The fund has an expense ratio of 0.64 percent and a turnover rate of 28 percent.

Is Capital Group the same as American Funds?

Capital Group, home of the American Funds and one of the world’s largest investment management firms, announced it plans to offer the firm’s first actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Are American Funds good investments?

American Funds should appeal to investors who want to purchase high-quality mutual funds from brokers, and may be a good fit for investors who are looking for: Advice from brokers. Above-average long-term returns. High-quality funds for long-term savings accounts, such as 401(k) plans or IRAs.

Can I withdraw from my 401k?

Taking a withdrawal from your traditional 401(k) should be your very last resort as any distributions prior to age 59 ½ will be taxed as income by the IRS, plus a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty to the IRS. This penalty was put into place to discourage people from dipping into their retirement accounts early.

How much is American Funds?

At American Funds, it’s standard for a 5.75% load fee on stock-heavy funds, and 3.75% on bond funds. This is in addition to expense ratios ranging from 0.59% to a full 1%. So, for every $1,000 you place in an American fund, $50.75 is gone immediately to pay the cover charge into that fund.

What is the minimum investment for American funds?

The American Funds are sold through financial professionals, like the one who is associated with your company’s retirement plan. The minimum initial investment is $250 for all funds except the money market funds and the state tax-exempt funds, for which the minimum is $1,000.

What is the Best Retirement fund?

One of the best conservative allocation funds to buy for retirement is Vanguard Wellesley Income. For investors in their 50s, it’s time to tamp down on risk and preserve your retirement assets. But you also want to give those hard-earned assets a chance to grow and outpace inflation.

What is American funds phone number?

Phone Number of American Funds is +1 (800) 421-4225, Fax No: +1 (888) 421-4351 . American Funds is an asset management company based in the United States.

How to start a retirement fund?

Figure out how much you need to save. The first step in setting up a retirement fund is figuring out your budget.

  • Choose a retirement plan option. Once you’ve got a sense of how much you need to start putting toward retirement each month,now you have to choose what type of
  • Start investing and contributing.