How did Yakowa died?

How did Yakowa died?

Death. On 15 December 2012, the governor died in a helicopter crash along with the former National Security Adviser Gen. Owoye Andrew Azazi (rtd) while flying from Bayelsa state to Port Harcourt. They were returning from the funeral of Oronto Douglas’ father in Beyelsa state.

Which year yakowa died?

December 15, 2012
Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa/Date of death

Who is former governor of Kaduna State?

List of governors of Kaduna State

North Central Governor Title Left Office
Mohammed Namadi Sambo Governor 19 May 2010
Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Governor 15 December 2012
Mukhtar Ramalan Yero Governor 29 May 2015
Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai Governor Incumbent

Who is the Vice Governor of Kaduna State?

Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe is a Nigerian politician, she is the deputy governor of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

When did Kaduna state was created?

May 27, 1967

Which Nigerian Governor impeached?

Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa (21 August 1936 – 11 November 2020) was a Nigerian left-wing politician who was elected Governor of Kaduna State, Nigeria during the Nigerian Second Republic, holding office from October 1979 until he was impeached on 23 June 1981.

Who is Dr Hadiza balarabe?

Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe is a Nigerian politician, she is the deputy governor of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Being the first female deputy-governor of the state. She was elected during the 2019 Nigerian general elections in February under the ruling political party in Nigeria APC.

Is there a female governor in Nigeria?

Dame Virginia Ngozi Etiaba, CON (born 11 November 1942) was the Governor of Anambra State, a state in south-east Nigeria, from November 2006 to February 2007. She is the first female governor in Nigeria’s history.

What is Kaduna known for?

Since the late 1950s, Kaduna has become a major industrial, commercial, and financial centre for the northern states of Nigeria. It has a branch of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Most industries are grouped south of the Kaduna River near the main railway junction.

Is Kaduna part of Hausa?

It is located in north-western Nigeria, on the Kaduna River….

• Rank 8th
• Density 1,800/km2 (4,600/sq mi)
• Ethnicities Gbagyi Adara Hausa Atyap-Bajju Ham Yoruba Fulani Kanuri Marghi Nupe and Igbo
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)

Why Balarabe Musa was impeached?

Eventually the House impeached him in June 1981, making him the first Nigerian state governor to be impeached. Musa later said he was impeached because he planned to have the state open small- and medium-sized industries, and this would deny the NPN members the opportunity of establishing their own enterprises.

What led to the impeachment of governor Alamieyeseigha?

Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was impeached as the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, Nigeria on 9 December 2005 on alleged corruption which includes, theft of public funds, abuse of office, and money laundering.