How did the Coosa River get its name?

How did the Coosa River get its name?

Its initial course is southwesterly into Cherokee County, Ala., where it receives the Chattooga River, then southwest past Gadsden, Childersburg, and Talladega Springs. The dams are located between Wetumpka and Talladega Springs. The name Coosa is derived from that of an Indian tribe.

Where does the Coosa River originate?

Etowah River
Oostanaula River
Coosa River/Sources

What does the word Coosa mean?

• COOSA (noun) Meaning: River that rises in northwestern Georgia and flows southwest through eastern Alabama to join the Tallapoosa River near Montgomery and form the Alabama River.

Who owns the Coosa River?

Alabama Power
Coosa County, Alabama, is located on the Coosa River. The Coosa is one of Alabama’s most developed rivers. Most of the river has been impounded, with Alabama Power, a unit of the Southern Company, owning seven dams and powerhouses on the Coosa River….

Coosa River
• maximum 256,000 cu ft/s (7,200 m3/s)

What is the deepest point in the Coosa River?

Streamgage Levels & Water Data Maximum discharge on the river today is recorded at the Coosa River At Childersburg Al with a streamflow rate of 17,100 cfs. This is also the deepest point on the Coosa River, reporting a gauge stage of 13.87 ft.

What kind of fish are in the Coosa River?

Common fish species in the Coosa include: gar, carp, smallmouth buffalo, blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, white bass, yellow bass, striped bass, redbreast sunfish, green sunfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, spotted bass, largemouth bass, black crappie and freshwater drum.

Is the Coosa River polluted?

Excessive nitrogen pollution stimulates the growth of aquatic plants, weeds and algae, which fishermen and lake goers alike know grow in excess on Coosa River lakes. Too much nitrogen in drinking water can also be harmful to young children and livestock.

Is Lay Lake polluted?

On Lay Lake, Resolute Forest Products: Coosa Pines discharged 11 different toxic chemicals into the river including manganese, ammonia and formaldehyde, the release said. It was the largest discharger of cancer-causing chemicals on the entire Coosa River, according to the release.

How dirty is the Coosa River?

The Coosa River in Rome and Floyd County is listed twice on the annual Dirty Dozen list released Tuesday by the Georgia Water Coalition. Once is for the effects of toxic discharges from power plants and the other is for the lack of funds to determine how to clean it up.

Can you eat fish from Lay Lake?

Lay Lake has its oddities on consumption advisories, too. There is a no-consumption advisory for largemouth bass for children and women of childbearing age only on a certain area of the lake (approximately 1.5 miles downstream of the US 280 bridge.)