How did Bernard Arnault make his fortune?

How did Bernard Arnault make his fortune?

Groupe Arnault has invested in Netflix and Blue Capital and also took a major stake in French food chain Carrefour. Arnault began his career working for his father’s manufacturing company. Five years into the position, he convinced his father to liquidate the construction division and enter the real estate market.

How did Bernard Arnault built LVMH?

Then, in 1987, Arnault was invited to invest in LVMH by the company’s chairman, Henri Racamier. Arnault then hired Marc Jacobs, a young American designer, to the post of creative director at Louis Vuitton, a maker of luxury leather goods; that year, LVMH also acquired a majority stake in Jacobs’s eponymous line.

What does Bernard Arnault do for a living?

Business magnateArt collectorEngineerBusiness executive
Bernard Arnault/Professions

How much is Bernard Arnold worth?

189.1 billion USD (2021)
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What Bernard Arnault owns?

Bernard Arnault is the founder, chair, and CEO of luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, which owns about 75 luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

What does Bernard Arnault?

Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault (French: [bɛʁnaʁ ʒɑ̃ etjɛn aʁno]; born 5 March 1949) is a French businessman, investor, and art collector….

Bernard Arnault
Occupation Businessman, media proprietor, art collector
Known for Founding LVMH
Title Chairman and CEO, LVMH Chairman, Christian Dior SE

What watch does Bernard Arnault?

TAG Heuer
While there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer about what type of timepiece Bernard Arnault prefers to wear, he is an owner of TAG Heuer, so there is a decent chance that he has at least a handful of their watches in his personal collection.

Who is Arnault married to?

Hélène Mercierm. 1991
Anne Dewavrinm. 1973–1990
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Is Bernard Arnault married?

Bernard Arnault/Spouse

In 1991, he married Hélène Mercier, a Canadian concert pianist, together having three children, Alexandre, Frédéric, and Jean. Bernard Arnault and Hélène Mercier currently live in Paris.

How much does Bernard Arnault make?

In less than a year, Bernard Arnault’s net worth has nearly doubled. As of July 2021, his reported net worth reached $195.9 billion. He has become history’s third centibillionaire, and is the richest person in the fashion industry. This article shares how he has made his money and what he spends his billions on.

What all does Bernard Arnault own?

Arnault acts as the chairman for LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest maker of luxury goods (he controls about half the company). Their revenue last year was $55.3 billion. Their brands include Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, TAG Heuer watches, Dom Perignon champagne, Sephora, FENTY, and many more.