How Cannabis Software is Empowering Producers

How Cannabis Software is Empowering Producers

In the past twenty years, cannabis has gone from being maligned as a questionable expression of counter-cultural hedonism to one of the hottest products on the market.

As the medical community has come to take more and more seriously the role cannabis can play in pain management, and as legislators across the western world revolt against the failures and excesses of the war on drugs, cannabis laws are being liberalized in jurisdictions around the world.

This has opened up huge opportunities for cannabis producers, but it has also fuelled a rapidly-growing cannabis tech industry committed to developing new software products to make cannabis production more efficient.

New Software Makes Compliance Easy

One of the main issues cannabis producers have to contend with is staying compliant with government regulations.

In areas where cannabis is legal for medical purposes, or medical and recreational purposes, production of cannabis is still a strictly controlled substance, which means that cannabis cultivators need to make sure they are operating in line with government regulations.

To this end, they often need to file regular reports with government oversight bodies, and may need to keep track of extensive amounts of information about each individual plant, from the moment it is planted as a seed to the moment it is shipped off to the customer.

In order to manage all of this data in efficient and cost-effective ways, producers are turning to comprehensive software for cannabis cultivators in order to keep track of their cannabis plants from seed-to-sale. These software platforms are designed to streamline data entry, and make it easier for producers to file reports.

Unsurprisingly, these software platforms have been shown to have a major impact on cannabis cultivators’ productivity, as software-enabled data management makes it easy for small teams to manage significant quantities of cannabis.

E-Commerce Software Facilitates Business-to-Business Connections

Software isn’t only helpful for data management, however; integrated software platforms can help cannabis producers cultivate clients as well as cannabis plants.

The internet plays a major role in how cannabis is marketed to consumers, clinics, and other businesses, and in places where cannabis has been made legal for recreational purposes, it is often much easier for consumers to purchase their favourite cannabis products online rather than in a brick-and-mortar shop.

This means that cannabis producers who want to get an edge are turning to e-commerce platforms that make it easy for them to manage business-to-business sales, and to connect with clinics to sign up new medical cannabis users.

For entrepreneurs who have the insight, work ethic, and passion to build a production business, cannabis offers major rewards. But in order to reap those rewards, producers need access to cutting-edge tools that can help them stay compliant with government regulations, grow their customer base, and efficiently bring their product to market.

State-of-the-Art cannabis software platforms are empowering cannabis producers to unlock their full potential, and it is likely that cannabis tech will only become a more significant part of the cannabis industry in years to come.