How can I get good grades in English?

How can I get good grades in English?

  1. Adopt a positive mental attitude.
  2. Work out where you’re falling short.
  3. Talk to your teachers.
  4. Pay more attention in class – and ask questions.
  5. Start organising your life.
  6. Improve your note-taking skills.
  7. Improve your essay-writing skills.
  8. Find the right learning style for you.

How can I revise English language?

How to revise for English exams

  1. Make sure you know what the examiners are looking for.
  2. For English literature exams: know the texts.
  3. For English language exams: learn the vocabulary and how to structure your answers.
  4. Make and review your class notes.
  5. Practise English past papers.

What is the difference between English language and literature?

English literature is more concerned with the thematic content of texts and typically involves poetry, prose and larger bodies of work. English language Is more scientific in nature and looks at language in segments E.g. Syntax, Morphology, Phonology.

How many English language GCSE papers are there?

two papers

What is in the GCSE English language exam?

The new GCSE (9-1) English Language assessment is based entirely on unseen texts. Each exam contains two unseen texts that share a common theme. The first exam will include two non- fiction texts and the second exam will include two literary texts.

Is English language a good A level?

An A Level in English Language is an excellent choice for those looking to study English, or a language course, at university and/or hoping to pursue a career which involves Linguistics.

What books are being studied at GCSE English?

AQA Literature Texts

  • Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • A Christmas Carol.
  • Great Expectations.
  • Jane Eyre.
  • Frankenstein.
  • Pride and Prejudice.
  • Sign of Four.

How do you get a 9 in GCSE maths?

You’ll need to work hard at your Maths throughout your GCSE years in order to get a 9, putting in regular effort rather than leaving it all until exam time. Past papers are an excellent way to practice your Maths skills and to find out where your weaknesses lie.

What is 70% as a GCSE grade?

So 70 would be a Grade 6, but 69 would be a Grade 5. The GCSE grade boundaries are now only being released to students on results day, whereas previously they were published in advance.

Is English language harder than literature?

It depends. In the UK, Literature is generally more prestigious than Language, because it is seen to be more academic and is viewed as providing you with more transferable skills. It is also seen as harder. At A-level in the UK, Lit is more respected than Lang.

How many books do you study for GCSE English?

All students studying GCSE English will be expected to read at least five books from this list, or their equivalent, over the two years of the course as well as the texts set for the examinations.