How can I complain to Delhi CM?

How can I complain to Delhi CM?

Within Seconds, Your Suggestions will reach to Delhi Government. is the Easiest way to contact Delhi Chief Minister and Delhi Government. If you have any Creative Idea / Suggestion for Delhi Development, Good Governance, Better Policies or Other State Issues.

How do I contact Delhi government?

Delhi State Government Contact Numbers

  1. 1800 110 093 (PWD Helpline )
  2. 1800 4250 0025 (Businessmen/Taxatation Helpline)
  3. 1916 (Water Helpline)
  4. 1077 (DDMA Helpline)

Who is the personal assistant of Arvind Kejriwal?

Anshu Prakash
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Preceded by M. M. Kutty
Succeeded by Vijay Kumar Dev
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Where does Arvind Kejriwal live in Delhi?

New Delhi
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What is the salary of CM of Delhi?

Chief Ministers, MLAs and MLCs

State CM Basic Pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
Delhi ₹390,000 (US$5,200) (+Salary received as MLA)
Uttar Pradesh ₹365,000 (US$4,800) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)
Maharashtra ₹340,000 (US$4,500) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)

Who is the political advisor of Arvind Kejriwal?

Atishi Marlena

Atishi Singh
Born 8 June 1981 Delhi, India
Political party Aam Aadmi Party
Alma mater Delhi University (BA) University of Oxford (Double MA)
Known for Education policies, Political activism

Where is PM House?

7, Lok Kalyan Marg, is the official residence and principal workplace of the Prime Minister of India. Situated on Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi, the official name of the Prime Minister’s residence complex is Panchavati.

Where was Arvind Kejriwal born?

Siwani, India
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