How can I check train timing?

How can I check train timing?

Trains time Enquiry through SMS If you want to know of the arrival time or departure time of the train, do send an SMS to 139 in the format “AD ”. Within few minutes, the exact time related enquiry of the train will get back to the same number through which the message is been sent.

When all express train will start in India?

Indian Railways to Start Unreserved Express Trains From October 1; Check Details. Unreserved Trains to operate from October 1.

Where is my local train time table?


  1. Visit Railyatri trains between stations enquiry page.
  2. Enter the ‘From’ & ‘To’ station name or code to get the updated train schedule.
  3. Find the station name or code by just entering it’s first 3 letters. You will see a drop-down list from which you can select the desired station.

What time is Irctc closed?

Service Hours: Booking through Internet is allowed from 00:20 AM to 11:45 PM (Indian Standard Time) on all days including Sundays. Service hours are liable to be changed without prior notice.

Why railway time is 24 hours?

We normally use 12-hour clock system. The hour hand of the clock goes round the dial twice a day (24 hours). Some departments like railways, Airlines, etc use 24-hour clock system because they do not use a.m. and p.m. times. In a 24-hour clock system, we express time in four digits.

Is passenger train started in Tamilnadu?

IRCTC Latest News Today: The Indian Railways said that the restart of commercial scheduled passenger trains will first start in states where demand is the highest, including Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

What is Tatkal in train?

Tatkal is a scheme or booking quota that the Indian Railways has introduced for people with immediate travel plans. These seats are released only one day before the chart preparation and passengers can book Tatkal tickets on all express and mail trains by paying extra charges over the base fare.